The Moon Society endorses Paul Spudis’ Plan to return to the Moon in an affordable way

2010.01.05 - Paul Spudis has asked, “Can we afford to return to the Moon?” and come up with an encouraging positive proposal.

You may be one of many members and other lunar frontier supporters who have been in the doldrums and somewhat discouraged over the cancellation of the Constellation program as too costly, and about the redirection of NASA away from the Moon.

What if anything is the Moon Society up to anyway?

To many casual observers, the Moon Society and its website may seem to be in a state of suspended animation. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there are web pages that might need updating, and please do us a favor and call our attention to that so we can promptly correct our oversight.

Write a note to president@moonsociety.org Subject: web page needs to be updated
That’ll do it!

We have taken a lot of measures to help new members and older ones to keep up with our efforts.

Introducing Ten New Members of the Society's Board of Advisors

February 10, 2009 -- (Amended March 2, 2009 with the addition of Adriano Autino) 

We introduced the first fifteen members of the Moon Society's then new Board of Advisors in our November 28, 2004 report and in the December issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto #181, page 11. Since then, we added five more on March 2, 2005, and four more people to the Board of Advisors on January 17, 2007. 

Today we are happy to present ten more advisors. They are: