Powerpoint Slide Show of Artemis Moonbase Sim

Link: http://strabo.moonsociety.org/moonbasesim/moonbasesimone_multimedia.html

During our recent Artemis Moonbase Simulation exercises at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, it was Gerry Williams of Mars Society San Diego who was the voice of CapCom for about half of the two-week mission.

Now Gerry has taken a pick of the photos taken during the mission and put together a Powerpoint Slide show.

Help us redesign the Moon Society Website

Three years ago, member John Schrock led an effort to redesign the Moon Society front page at


It was a welcome improvement.

In the past year and a half, we have added more menu options and features. But whether it is a matter of layout, color, or content, "what's new" doesn't jump out at the casual visitor. We have had a problem changing the "changing picture" regularly and that has not helped.

Welcome to the Moon Society Blog!

Welcome to the Moon Society Blog!

This is our official announcement/blog feed that started in 2006 and continues into 2018 and beyond!

The first main event that will be covered will be for Artemis Moonbase Simulation One. The Artemis Moonbase Simulation will be running from February 25th, 2006 - March 13th, 2006 and we will be posting daily updates on this blog during the mission and pre-launch updates as they happen.

After the simulation is complete we're looking forward to postings from crew members describing events from a more personel point of view.

Introducing the first members of the Society's new Board of Advisors

Introducing the first members of
the Society's new Board of Advisors

November 28, 2004 -- We are building a new Board of Advisors to help us shape ambitious projects, review proposed position papers, organize breakthrough workshops, and choose collaboration partners. A second round of invitations is in process. A brief look at the first fifteen members.