Chapter Rules

Chapter - a local, regional, or national grouping of Moon Society members, brought together to work on common projects and to promote social interaction within the society.

  1. Officially recognized Chapters of The Moon Society are made up of three or more current Moon Society members. A chapter with less than three members is designated a Chapter-in-formation but does not have official chapter status. Chapters which are officially recognized will be listed on the Moon Society website and other publications. A Chapter that loses enough members to drop below the three member requirement will have a one-year grace period to restore its membership
  2. Chapters may choose to establish a class of members who are not also Moon Society Members, do not pay dues to the Moon Society, and do not enjoy the privileges of Moon Society membership. The chapter may set dues for this class of members, which dues will go to the chapter treasury. But only those chapter members who are also members of the Moon Society can be nominated for chapter offices, and only those chapter members who are also members of the Moon Society can vote for chapter officers. .
  3. Chapters are legally and financially independent from The Moon Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered in Texas. Chapters are encouraged to register their organizations and seek non-profit status in their parent region or country. Moon Society HQ will provide assistance with this, where possible.
  4. The overall goals of the Moon Society chapters system is overseen by a Chapters Council, made up of one representative from every official Moon Society chapter. These representatives are given voting rights. The Chapters Council may also accept volunteers and hire staff to assist with projects and mundane tasks.
  5. The day-to-day operations of the Moon Society chapters system is overseen by a Chapters Coordinator, an individual appointed by the board of directors of The Moon Society. The Chapters Coordinator is the single point of escalation at HQ for chapter leaders. The Chapters Coordinator will also serve on the Chapters Council (not necessarily as the leader).
  6. Chapters are required to fairly elect their own leadership structure from within their membership. Chapter leaders must consist of at least two officers, one of which is responsible for financial matters. In addition, chapters are expected to appoint or elect a representative to serve on The Moon Society's Chapters Council. In situations where a dispute arises over the leadership or council representation, the Moon Society Board of directors will arbitrate the decision.
  7. Chapters and their members are expected to support the goals, creeds, and purposes of The Moon Society. The exact methods of doing so are left up to the chapters.
  8. Chapters and their members may not act in ways which are opposed or detrimental to the goals, creeds, and purposes of The Moon Society.
  9. Chapters will submit their proposed Bylaws to the Chapters Council. The Chapters Council will respond to proposed Bylaws within one month of filing, and can either accept the proposed Bylaws, or reject them with recommended changes. The Moon Society Chapters Council will provide a Chapter Bylaws Template that can be used as a starting point for a new Chapter's formation.
  10. Chapters are required to report their activities regularly to Moon Society HQ and other chapters, through publications, announcements, or electronic communication (Web, Email, Team Lists). The frequency of this report is determined by the Chapter Bylaws for each Chapter.
  11. The Moon Society Bylaws will control in the event of a conflict with these Bylaws. See, especially, Article IV.


Revision History - Moon Society Chapter Rules

Written by James Burk,
Vice President, The Moon Society
October 2000

Modified by Tim Cadell,
Chapters Coordinator, The Moon Society
April 2001

Approved by the Moon Society Board of Directors
30 May 2001

Modified by Peter Kokh,
Chapters Coordinator, The Moon Society
November 2004

Approved by the Moon Society Board of Directors
17 November 2004