Our Vision and Mission

(Last updated 2011-08-08)

The Moon Society - Who We Are & What We Do

The Moon Society, founded in 2000 by Gregory R. Bennett, seeks to inspire and involve people all over the world in the continued study and exploration of the Moon with the goal of accelerating the day when there will be civilian settlements on the Moon, making use of local resources through private enterprise both to support the pioneers themselves and to help alleviate Earth's stubborn energy and environmental problems.

What we are not

We are not designers, builders, or purchasers of rockets, habitat modules, or other hardware which will be involved in this effort. (Some of our members may be employed or involved with such efforts individually.)

Rather, our purpose as a society is both to help remove obstacles and to help lay foundations. We seek by all legitimate means available to us to promote developments that will aid those pioneers will go to the Moon to succeed in their ventures, and to advance the day when they will do so.

Our Vision says Who We Are

We envision a future in which the free enterprise human economy has expanded to include settlements on the Moon and elsewhere, contributing products and services that will foster a better life for all humanity on Earth and beyond, inspiring our youth, and fostering hope in an open-ended positive future for humankind.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and involve people everywhere, and from all walks of life, in the effort to create an expanded Earth-Moon economy that will contribute solutions to the major problems that continue to challenge our home world.

Briefly, we seek to address these goals through education, outreach to young people and to people in general, contests and competitions, workshops, ground level research and technology experiments, private entrepreneurial ventures, moonbase simulation exercises, tourist centers, and other legitimate means.

Our Strategy and Game Plan

Our strategy and game plan are guided by the "Lunar Frontier Enabling Test" which paraphrases the "Space Frontier Enabling Test" formulated by the Space Frontier Foundation:

A "lunar frontier enabling" project, technology, or policy is one which has as its effect the acceleration of the creation of low cost access to the lunar frontier, and to the space frontier in general, for private citizens and companies, and/or which enables or accelerates our use of space resources, and/or accelerates the rate at which wealth can be generated on the Moon and in space."

In other words, we ask the question "is the project or policy going to provide a return on our investment of time, energy, and money, if we define "return" to be the economically sustainable human habitation of the Moon and of space in general?"

Any project, competition, paper, technology demonstration or other activity which does not meet this clear standard, no matter how well designed and energetically pursued, is simply a waste of time and resources and energies -- a detour or diversion.Promotion of public and entrepreneurial interest in the exploration, research, development, and habitation of the Moon. 

Stimulation of the advancement and development of applications of space and related technologies and encouragement of entrepreneurial development thereof. 

Collaboration between various societies and groups interested in developing and utilizing the resources of the Moon.

The Society has limited resources. We must use them to best effect. The "Lunar Frontier Enabling Test" helps assure that we do just that.