Moon Society Meetings

Moon Society Meetings

Twice Monthly Management Committee Meetings
Once Quarterly Town Meetings (Except 3rd Quarterly)
Annual Membership Meeting (August)

January 9, 2011


The Moon Society is a Membership-run Organization. The members elect officers and directors and are welcome to participate at every level of decision-making.

For those members who may not have time to get involved in this way, or even to audit meetings now and then, there is always the options of
  • Email to the President
  • Postal Mail to
    Moon Society Program Services,
    PO Box 080395,
    Milwaukee, WI 54208.

Meeting Times:

For all three types of meetings, the times are 9-11 pm Eastern, 8-11 pm Central, 7-9 pm Mountain, and 6-8 pm Pacific Time for participants in the United States. In the Eastern Hemisphere these times will spill into Thursday morning and afternoon hours - see charts below. We realize that no day and time are convenient for everyone, and the need to settle on a specific time slot may mean that some members, even some would-be leaders, cannot participate. This is regretable but unavoidable. This time slot has been the practice for over a decade.

These time slots favor members in the Continental United States. Yet members outside the US have arranged to be present on a regular basis. This may involve personal inconvenience and does require dedication, and is much appreciated.

Meeting Place:

All meetings take place in the ASI-MOO specialized chat room environment. You will find instructions on how to log on and find your way to the meeting room for the Town Meetings and Annual Membership Meeting on this page.

Town Meetings are held on Skype (chat). Please go to and download this free software, choose a Skype name - further instructions forthcoming

The Annual Membersip Meeting is held on ASI-MOO, in the auditorium

Management Committee Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of Every Month
(This will be Thursday mornings and afternoons in the Eastern Hemisphere: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia)
The Management Council includes all elected Board Members and all elected Society Officers.

Other Members are welcome to audit these Management Committee meetings, and may have input, although they may not vote. But, given that most decisions are made by consensus, member input. if it helps form this consensus, is of great value.

If you are free during the scheduled meeting times, and have computer access, and have an interest in the Society's decision making process, please contact Dana Carson to arrange for you to access the Moon-Leaders meeting room. Anyone may enter the MOO Commons and explore. But only those with pre-arranged permission will be able to get into the Council meeting room.

Your experience here will help you make a decision whether or not to run for a society office or board slot. But even if that is not an issue, member interest in our proceedings is most welcome.

Town Meetings, open to all members as well as visitors, are held the 2nd Wednesday of the second month of each Quarter. that is, on the 2nd Wednesdays of February, May, and November. The General Membership Meeing will be held in this slot in August.

The Annual Membership Meeting is held the second Wednesday of August.

Moon Society Meetings - 2011

Western Hemisphere (North & South America) = Wednesday pm's
[Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia = Thursday am's and pm's]

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