Moon Society Advisors 
updated August 18, 2010

Adriano Autino [4]
Michael Bakk [3]
Dallas Bienhoff [4]
Thomas L. Billings [1]
Alan B. Binder [2]
W. Paul Blase [1]
David Dietzler [1]
Eric Douglass [2]
David A. Dunlop [1]*
Steve Durst [1]
Marianne J. Dyson [1]
Peter Eckart [2]
Larry Jay Friesen [3]
Tom Greenwalt [3]
Phillip R. Harris [4]
Gordon Haverland [4]
Niklas Jarvstrat [1]
Terry Kok [1]
Geoffrey A. Landis [2]
T. D. Lin [2]
Pradeep Mohandas [5]
Linda Plush [4]
Chip Proser [1]
Jesus Raygoza [3]
Phil Sadler [4]
David Schrunk [1]
Peter J. Schubert [4]
Burton Sharpe [1]
Jayashree Sridhar [5]
John K. Strickland [4]
Ian Randal Strock [1]
Lawrence A. Taylor [4]
Madhu Thangavelu [1]
Bryce Walden [1]
Will Watson [4]
Cheryl Lynn York [1]

Each of the above was chosen for an area of expertise and/or experience of great value to the Moon Society in its pursuit of our goals. The Board of Advisors does not meet or function as a group, nor is their a BoA mail-list. The people named each have special expertise relevant to the realization of the Society's vision, and available to the Society individually, when we have a question or when we need advice in a matter to which their individual expertise is relevant.

For Dates of Appointment, and for a short note about each advisor, see the links below

[1] Ratified by the Board of Directors December 15, 2004
.......Introducing the Society's First Fifteen Advisors

[2] Ratified by the Board of Directors March 2, 2005
....... Introducing Five new Advisors

[3] Ratified by the Board of Directors January 17, 2007
.......Introducing Four new Advisors

[4] Ratified by the Board of Directors February 10, 2009
        Introducing Ten new Advisors

[5] Approved by the Board of Directors August 18, 2010
        Introducing Two new Advisors

* David A. Dunlop was appointed Moon Society Director of Project Development, June 5, 2006


Moon Society Advisors are governed by the Moon Society Bylaws, Article VIII - Board of Advisors and Other Bodies


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