Current Chapter and Contact List

The current list of chapters and outposts is given in every MMM, usually page 11

Moon Society St. Louis Chapter
Contact: Robert Perry

Moon Society Phoenix Chapter
Contacts: Craig Porter

Clear Lake NSS/Moon Society Chapter (Houston)
Contact: Eric Bowen

Greater Fort Worth Chapter
Contact: Patricia Ferguson

In addition, we are listing the following "Outposts" defined as one or more persons serving as contact persons looking for others to help start a chapter  An Outpost is 1 or 2 persons serving as a local contact and willing to start a chapter if they find a 3rd person.

Bay Area Moon Society, CA Outpost& - Contact: Henry Cates
Moon Society Nashville Outpost - Contact: Chuck Schlemm
Moon Society Knoxville Outpost -- Contact: Jason Tuttle
Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost (MSMO) -- Contact: Peter Kokh

Greater Forth Worth is our newest chapter!

MSMO meets conjointly with the Milwaukee NSS chapter, Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society, which is the actual publisher of MMM (since #1 in Dec 1986)

The Clear Lake NSS/Moon Society Houston is a blended chapter sharing officers and resources


Rules for Moon Society Chapters can be found here.

The Chapters & Outposts Map shows all of the chapters and outposts that have existed for the Moon Society. Sadly, some are now defunct.