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Bay Area Moon Society

Chapter Leader = Jonathan A. Goff
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Ideas for what a chapter can do

  • Launching rockets
  • A Design Project
  • Increasing public awareness
  • Project Planning
  • Social events (parties, dinner meetings)
  • Field trips
  • Member recruiting
  • Publish a newsletter
  • Local chapter web site
  • Host a conference
  • Arrange travel for folks to go to the Moon Society annual conference
  • Speakers
  • Publish a handbook for lunar explorers
  • Host a fund-raiser
  • Host a star party (or a moon party)
  • Meet jointly with other space groups in the area
  • Create memorabilia, merchandise, computer games, technical software
  • Open-forum meetings
  • Participate in the watch for lunar transient events
  • Experiment with lunar agriculture
  • Host a Speakers Bureau
  • Help with maintaining the ASI and Moon Society web sites
  • Topic-focused discussion sessions (Pick a topic and kick it around; then write up an article for Moon Miners Manifesto. See the table of contents of MMM for the past 10 years for topic ideas.)
  • Create artwork depicting life on the moon

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