Next Meeting: November 16, 2015!

Christmas Social: December 14, 2015!

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Clear Lake Area National Space Society and Moon Society Chapter

About Us

The Clear Lake Area Chapter is an active National Space Society Chapter and a collaborating NSS Chapter of the Moon Society. Based in Houston, home to the nerve center of America's manned space program, we support and encourage the study, exploration, colonization and settlement of the Moon, the Solar System, and the endless frontier that is outer space.

Persons from all walks of life and of all backgrounds should feel invited to join, especially if you have an interest in Lunar Exploration as a continued Human adventure.

Membership Benefits:

All active members of the National Space Society and/or The Moon Society are welcome to participate. Chapter officers must be members of both organizations. The National Space Society offers several different membership levels with a discount for new members; see the official online membership application here. Moon Society dues for US and Canadian residents are $35 per year, with a reduced rate of $20 per year available for students and senior citizens. You may register online for the Moon Society here.

Current Officers:

  • Chapter President - Eric H. Bowen
  • Chapter Vice-President - Doug Hall
  • Chapter Treasurer - Jay Lewchanin

Moon Society Chapter Rules



The Clear Lake Area NSS & Moon Society Chapter will host its next regular meeting in the Conference Room of the Bay Area Community Center in Clear Lake Park on Monday, November 16, 2015. This is our regular meeting location. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. and will conclude by 9 p.m. (absolutely no later than 9:30; the park gates are locked at 10 p.m.!) We will have light snacks and refreshments.

Our Christmas Social will be held in the wonderful home of Anita Gale in Nassau Bay near the Space Center the evening of Monday, December 14. Guests are welcome! For more information and directions send an email RSVP to


Getting There

The Bay Area Community Center, operated by Harris County Precinct 2, is located within Clear Lake Park north of NASA Road 1 in Seabrook. The physical address is 5002 NASA Road 1, Seabrook, Texas 77586. View Map. The conference room is located at the east end of the building; from the east parking lot enter the side door and take the first right turn in the hallway. NOTE: There was some confusion on the part of some attendees at earlier meetings. There are TWO buildings with meeting rooms at Clear Lake Park. The building we are meeting in is NORTH of NASA Road 1, AWAY from the lake. If you are coming from the space center you will turn LEFT at the traffic signal and drive the perimeter road all the way around the baseball fields until you reach the large building with the blue roof at the far north end of the property. After five o'clock or so the main doors in the front of the building may be locked. Enter through the SIDE door in the east end of the building directly across from the parking lot. Take the first right turn in the hallway to get to the conference room.

Calendar of Events



Resources for Educators: We have a pair of handouts on "Newton and Gravity" and "Galileo and the Telescope" which were prepared for us by Larry Friesen, Ph.D., one of our active members. In addition, we have an Apollo-retrospective Mini Coloring Book thanks to the courtesy of Brian Floca.


Innovative Launch Systems: Here we take a look at some proposals for improving Earth-to-orbit launch capabilities.


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Chapter Contact Information

Clear Lake Area NSS & Moon Society Chapter
c/o Eric H. Bowen
8327 Lanham Lane
Houston, TX 77075-2658


  • (713) 991-3575 Home/Fax


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