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We foresee a thriving Lunar Frontier, in which Pioneer Lunan Artists and Craftsmen have learned to express their creativity in various media that can be derived from the Moon's Regolith soils, directly, or as by-products of various mining and processing and industrial operations and technologies.

This will require a spirit of Dedicated Resourcefullness on their part, but also collaboration on the part of Chemical Engineers working for the various Industrial Operations.

We foresee also, the opportunity we have, in the period prior to Lunar Settlement, to prepare the way for their efforts by attempting to Pioneer Lunar Appropriate Art Media using simulant materials available here on Earth.



Our Mission is to learn what materials readily available on Earth to us simulate those which might become available locally to the Lunan Artist and Craftsman in the process of diversifying industry on the Moon.

Armed with a Spirit of Resourcefullness such as they must embrace to meet these challenges, we will experiment with these materials in an effort to come up with a diverse repertoire of viable art forms.

We then will try to push these new art forms to the limit both to reveal their potential and to develop a body of practical experience and tips to pass on to those who follow.

To do all this, we establish This Web Site as a FORUM for sharing information, sources, experimental techniques, results &emdash; and most importantly, the encouragement that comes from seeing the achievements and successes of others.


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We foresee Lunar Appropriate Art Media as including both Inorganic Media, and those media who rely on by-products of Lunar Agriculture and Gardening, and which are not altered in such a way as to produce products that cannot be biodegraded.

INORGANIC: Metal Oxide Paints, Ceramics, Ceramic Glazes, Glass and Art Glass, Metal Sculpture, and more

ORGANIC DEGRADABLE: Wood used as a semi-precious material in jewelry and cabinet hardware, for example; Fabric Arts and Apparel using natural dyestuffs; craft art paper; Use of shorn human hair as a craft stuff as well as an art medium; more



NO Initial DUES: L.A.A.M.P. will rely soly on electronic media. As this website is graciously hosted for us by CyberTeams, Inc., we have no expenses to meet as a group &emdash; only individual expenses, at this time.

The Criterion of Membership is simple: you are a member IF you SHARE your results. Regular and thorough reporting to is essential so that we can update this website on a regular basis.

Materials Availability Information should be shared. So should basic information about experimental procedures and techniques that show favorable results.

Groups working on the same prospective art medium, may seek the economy and convenience of group purchases of materials and tools. But the person making the purchases and then reselling, does that on his/her own, or according to procedures worked out by the particular Group (e.g. the ceramic glazes group).



EMAIL and this WEBSITE will be our principal communications tools for the time being. In email, we will simply "copy to all" in sharing messages. When someone new wishes to join, he or she should "copy to all" and then add his/her email address in the "To" box. That way the new person will automatically be included in any subsequent mailings. If and when we reach a critical mass of people, we will arrange for a discuss-list with majordomo from our Web Host.

Web Expansion: As members start diversifying in terms of Art Media, this site can expand. Our host will even supply us with Web Site Team Director™ maintenance software so that can even develop a Web Team with individuals responsible for keeping up a particular area of the site, e.g. Art Glass.

There are several ways in which we can arrange scheduled chats in our own, or sub-group, Chat Rooms.



Your Comments on any of the above are most welcome!


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