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The sense in which we use the word "Reclamation"
As of October 16, 2013, a Joint National Space Society and Moon Society Chapter

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About Us - We want to return to the Moon, this time to stay!

Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society, National Space Society, Artemis Society International, & The Moon Society - Affiliation History

  • The Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society organized in the fall of 1986 as a chapter of the L5 Society. Within 2 months we absorbed local members of the National Space Society (formerly Institute) 3 months before the L5/NSS merger at the 1987 International Space Development Conference in Pittsburgh, PA.
    >> The sense in which we use the word "Reclamation"
  • In October of 1995, Artemis Society International, then headquartered in Huntsville, AL, and the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society, based in Milwaukee, WI, entered into an agreement whereby MLRS' monthly newsletter, Moon Miners' Manifesto, would come to all Artemis Society members as a membership benefit. ASI had been having considerable trouble fielding its own newsletter, Pleiades, on a regular basis. By this agreement, the "Pleiades International Report" now became a regular section of MMM. MMM's focus was on the Moon, on enterprise-based outposts and settlements, and this was a perfect match. 
  • MMM's masthead asserts "Expanding the Human Economy through Off-Planet Resources"; the early era of heavy reliance on Lunar materials; earliest use of Mars system and asteroidal resources; and the establishment of the permanent settlements necessary to support such an economy."
  • ASI declared "we are dedicated to overcoming the business, financial, and technological challenges necessary to establish a permanent, self-sustaining human presence on the Moon"
  • In July 2000, The Moon Society, ASI's newly organized sister organization, took over Member Services and the Chapter Family from the Artemis Society, which remains as a Foundation. Pleiades is replaced by the Moon Society Journal as the centerfold four page section of each issue of MMM.

Moon Miners' Manifesto -

  • In June 2001, The Moon Society and MLRS collaborated to make MMM available by PDF file from a password-accessed webpage. The motivation was to make MMM less expensive for overseas members. But this new product is now available to any Moon Society member when they subscribe or renew by chosing the pdf option. If you choose "hardcopy" (black and white only) you can still download the full color pdf version at no extra charge.
  • MMM is shared with several other NSS Chapters as well

MSMO (Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost) & the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society

  • For seven years, "ASI-Milwaukee" (our name prior to 10/16/02) had been little more than an informal "other hat" worn by the crew that edits, prints, collates, and mails the monthly newsletter.
  • Our mission, has been to improve the quality of MMM "to make it better serve as the newsletter of The Moon Society." And we have striven to do so.

National Space Society-Moon Society Joint Chapters: a new option

  • In May 2005 The Moon Society and the National Space Society signed an historic Agreement by which the Moon Society became an Autonomous Affilliate of2010, The NSS Clear Lake (Houston) Chapter and the Moon Society Houston chapter merged to become the Clear Lake NSS/Moon Society Chapter.
  • In November 2010, the NSS Clear Lake Chapter (Houston) and the Moon Society Houston chapter, each lacking something vital thatthe other had, merged to become the first joint NSS/TMS chapter.
  • In October 2013, Moon Society chapter rules were changed to allow NSS Chapters with at least 2 Moon Society members to declare Joint Chapter Status.
  • The Tucson Space Frontier L5 Society (NSS) and Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS) have since declared Joint chapter status.
  • The NSS Phoenix chapter and TMS St. Louis chapter are seeking joint chapter status also.

How to Join the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society

  • You can reach us in these ways:
    • Email:
    • Phone: 1-414-342-0705 (Peter Kokh )
  • Meetings: 2nd Saturday afternoon 1-4 pm Mayfair Mall Community Room G110 (occaisonally G150) monthy except July and August
  • Dues: $15 chapter dues only
  • Payable to "Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society"
  • Mail to:
    • Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society
    • PO Box 2102
    • Milwaukee, WI 53208-20401
Voluntary "donations" are always welcome -- of funds, or of resources and materials, or by picking up bills and tabs, or by contributing man-hours to one or more of our projects.

This is in keeping with the volunteer nature of Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society and its efforts. Our chapter will be what you want it to be. 

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