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The Moon Miners' Manifesto Archive Project

The Artemis Society, since adopting Moon Miners' Manifesto as its newsletter in the fall of 1995, has invited the Lunar Reclamation Society to archive all issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto on the ASI website at www.asi.org, including all back issues of MMM for the nine years prior to the start of this collaboration, going back to issue # 1 in December, 1986.

The intent was to archive major articles, those editorials that seem to be still relevant, and, of course, the material in the Pleiades International Report, a new 4-page section of MMM in which ASI-generated material has priority.

The problem was too many hoops, too many filters. Long articles got cut up into individual pages not related to one another, at least not properly. Too many delays by the web team.

Adobe Acrobat to the rescue: when the Moon Society took over membership services from Artemis Society International, in July 2000, that gave us the opportunity to archive issues on the Moon Society instead. At the request of the Society, we began publishing pdf files of each article in May 2001, starting with issue #145.

The MMM Classics Project

Then in the spring of 2004, in order to save annual printing costs per member, The Lunar Reclamation Society, publishers of Moon Miners' Manifesto, decided to discontinue publishing Moon Miners' Review, which had given the MMM editor a twice a year break to rejuvenate and recharge. Instead we decided to use the time freed up to start republishing all the non-time-sensitive articles and editorials of the first ten years in pdf file collections, one per 10-issue year. This is the MMM Classics project. MMMC #s 1-4 were the hardest, because back issues #s 2-40, had not existed in usable electronic form.

Joe Bentley of Conyers, Georgia (not an ASI member) keyed in the articles from hardcopy issues #2-20 and emailing them back for any needed revisions before sending them on to the ASI web team. ASI member Arthur Apsmith of Long Island, NY has been rekeying the Commodore 64 issues #s 21-40, and sending us all the text files.

Progress was swifter than expected, and volumes 1-10 were finished by January 2006, six months ahead of schedule. Encouraged, we added volumes 1-14 in the June-July, 2006 break.

We intend to republish year 15, issues #141-150 as MMM Classic #15

In Addition, we hope in time to produce some useful reading guides.

  • An index by subject matter (and key words?)
  • A Glossary of new words coined by the author(s) or of familiar words used in a new special sense in MMM
  • As there have been annual Mars Theme issues, we have begun making these available to the Mars community as well.

Moon Miners' Manifesto, the Book?

  • Many have urged us to compile all these articles in book form.
  • That is easier said than done. The biggest obstacle is that as long as a lot of time is spent producing new issues, there is no time available for this project. At least not yet. We are always on the lookout for inexpensive clones, or for black market "day-expanders" that provide 36 hours a day instead of the usual 24.

Moon Miners' Manifesto, the CD?

  • The upcoming 20th Anniversary of the Lunar Reclamation Society and of Moon Miners' Manifesto has given us the opportunity to produce MMM, the CD. We intend to include the pdf files for MMM Classics #s 1-14, individual pdf files for issues #s 145-180, the various position papers produced over the years.


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