Current Project Log   11-15-2002

We have a Lunar Prospector model kit ready for someone to assemble

We have 4 Current Projects in some state of progress

(1) a mounted 20" Photo of Earth in space
  • as a proportionately-sized backdrop for our 6" Moon bank globe
  • it should actually be a 22" photo to show the exact size ratio, but that difference may not be worth the extra cost.
  • UPDATE: 9|19|02 - completed

(2) a "Moon Bricks" Replication Kit - Completed october 12, 2002

  • diagrams, parts lists, parts sources, assembly instructions, modeling hints
  • This touchy-feely hands-on display has been dynamite since its introduction at ISDC '98
    • it demonstrates clearly the gravity difference between the Moon and Earth
  • It will cost 10-30 dollars to replicate depending upon what you may have on hand.
  • On 9|20|02, we came up with a cheaper and much easier way of demonstrating the gravity differences, made the first set of "Gravity Jugs", and posted the instructions to make your own set online on the Space Chapters Hub website.

(3) "Moon Manor" Replication Kit

  • diagrams, parts lists, parts sources, assembly instructions, modeling hints
  • This display has been dynamite since its introduction at ISDC '98
  • It will cost 2-3 hundred dollars to replicate as is.
  • We hope to post it on the web soon. ASI, NSS, and Mars Society chapters may be interested.
  • Meanwhile we are continuing to produce brick sets for all who ask, for a cost of $15 for materials plus postage. As of 9/1/02 two dozen sets had been shipped to various NSS and Mars Society chapters and others.

(4) a "Sidewalk Astronomy Kit"

(5) a Lavatube display

  • following in the pioneering steps of the Oregon L5 Lunar Base Team - UPDATE: 11|15|02 - Trying to brainstorm an alternative way to model lavatubes. If we can't find one, we intend to replicate the Oregon exhibit.

(6) an Inflatable Moonbase display - based on our inflatable torus with Works Core Module at the center as suggested in our 1991 Lunar Hostels paper (long before NASA's TransHab project was born.) We at last "think we have an idea" of how to execute a model of this design and began acquiring parts, 11|05|02. If the idea proves out, we would make a trio, each with a cuttaway section: (a) offices, communications, work stations, lab space, etc.; (b) private quarters, commons, library; (c) agriculture pod. Each structure could be lifted up in one shuttle payload bay full, perhaps a fourth or more for extra outfitting equipment for a 10-20 person outpost.


Our "Sidewalk Astronomy Kit"

A Portable Telescope - UPDATE: 9|19|02 - For the trial run with a prototype info-rack, we are trying to make some adaptations to an old unmounted 4" Coulter reflector and a camera tripod that we have. The idea is to give it a heavy spherical base so that it would work like an Astrocan set on a table top or car hood. For looking at the Moon, a finder scope, setting circles, and other star-finding and tracking devices are quite unnecessary.

But we have now encountered a problem. The eyepiece and eyepiece holder appear to be hard-installed on the tube so that we cannot replace the current eyepiece with a 4° field of view (1° to 1°30' would be ideal) so that we have to take the scope to a dealler and see if this situation can be remedied and for how much.

Initial Rack Contents

  • Moon info 2-sided flyers
    • The Moon's Barren Surface & its Hidden Valleys
    • Common Myths & Questions about the Moon
    • The Moon's Resources & Potential to help solve Earthside problems - ready 10|8,13|02
    • Moon-Mining and Eco-Sense
    • Learning to be "at home" on the Moon
  • ASI / LRS info brochures (2 tri-fold pastels)
    • Moon Society
    • Artemis Society - Artemis Project™ - Artemis Database
    • Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost [MSMO]
    • Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) - Projects
    • Moon Miners' Manifesto - Moon Society Journal
  • business cards - flip-side pre-addressed peel & stick labels
    • Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost [MSMO]
    • Lunar Reclamation Society - on hand
    • Moon Miners' Manifesto - on hand
    • MSMO-LRS Speakers Bureau / Display services
  • display storyboards
    • Artemis Moonbase™ Project - nearing completion 10|30|02
    • regolith simulant painting - on hand
    • lunar simulant sample - on hand
    • materials available vs. not available on the Moon
    • Lavatubes
  • auxiliary items
    • 6" Moon Globe - on hand with flyer
    • Lunar Prospector model - on hand, but not yet assembled


Design constraints

  • lightweight & compact
  • durable & stable (wind, jostling)
  • portable by one person, one hand
  • to fit in any car trunk, even go on the bus
  • weather-proof
  • EZ open - EZ close / speed of securing
  • deployable at eye heigh
  • signage ASI & LRS flip sides
  • lamppost lighting


Basic Design Concept - light & stable both

  • size, materials, thickness TBD
  • rack dividers, hangers TBD

  • shelf to peg into & lock opened side panels plus hold Globe, etc.
  • attachable 3/4" copper tubing footed legs to pack inside case - parts on hand


First we propose to whip together & field test a simple prototype

  • adapt 2nd-hand hard-shell suitcase - UPDATE: 9|19|02 - we are looking for a 2nd hand hard body suitcase at local thrift shops.
  • medium large, legged to fit on any car hood facing lamppost
  • foam core dividers
  • When we have had experience using it, the more elaborate version sketched above can be redesigned and constructed, as field experience warrants
  • We can whip up & field test this "Prototype" quickly and for pocket change


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