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Modest Enterprise Suggestions
for the Milwaukee Outpost & Other Chapters

NOTE: All uses of Artemis Project™ logos and copyrighted materials must be done by licence with The Lunar Resources Company, the for-profit owner of the Artemis Project™. For details on how your company can participate, please email them at license@tlrc.com


Mission and Philosophy of Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost Enterprises

  • DBA "Outpost Luna Press"
  • Developing Outreach Products for local use and for use by other ASI/Moon Society chapters and individuals involved in Outreach - as of October, 2002 we have been posting these on the Space Chapter Hub website as they are ready
  • Developing Products for Sale * to enthusiasts and supporters of the Artemis Project™
  • *Items for sale through Lunar Traders, Inc.

Computer Products (Now available if linked, otherwise Proposed)

Buttons - $ (suggestions on the Space Chapter Hub website Button Page)

  • Artemis Ascent Vehicle * (Vik Oliver royalty)

Patches - $$

  • Artemis Ascent Vehicle * (Vik Oliver royalty)
  • Artemis Logo * (under contract to ASI or TLRC)


Product Suggestions for the Taking

  • For other ASI/Moon Society Members
  • For Other ASI/Moon Society Chapters & Outposts
  • For ASI-associated Enteprises

Vik Oliver art takeoffs (royalties to Vik Oliver)

Stack assembly in LEO
Transfer/Lander Stack
Lunar Transfer Vehicle
Lunar Lander
habitat deployed
lander & rover
Lunar Oxygen Plant
68 Kg bug
Ascent Takeoff
Ascent Vehicle
Ascent Rendezvous
  • Screensaver (various Vic Oliver paintings fade in and out in succession)
  • Wallpaper for your desktop background image that incorporates a collage of Vik's artwork is now available at http://www.asi.org/images/2000/
  • Calendars (starting with 2003 or 2004)
  • Mug Set (1 mug each Vic Oliver scene)
  • Posters (collage of all Vic Oliver scenes and individual posters)
  • Motorcycle Ascent Vehicle
    • Framable print
    • Poster (s)
    • Photo Op - identification
      • Physical: cut out full size mockup with room for one or two to lay in space suit(s), visor(s) open, faces visible
      • Digital: "send us a facial portrait and we'll send you a digitized frameable print of yourself in Aldrin's shoes or in the Artemis ascent vehicle"

Computer Product Suggestions

  • Vic Oliver Screensaver - see note above
  • Virtual Reality Artemis Moonbase Tour
  • Virtual Reality Luna City Tour
  • Lunar Enterprise Computer Game

Physical Product Suggestions

  • Artemis Project™ Logo Patches
  • Model Kits for Artemis Moonbase
  • Wallpaper Murals of Artemis Moonbase
    [standard formula is 8 pieces, 4 across the top, 4 across the bottom,
    total trimable width 13' 8", total trimable height 8' 8" -
    similar murals are available retail in the $70-$130 range]
  • Lunar Enterprise Board Game



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