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Since the fall of 1995 when MMM began to serve Artemis Society International starting with issue # 90, we have made many improvements aimed at making MMM a better vehicle for ASI, and since July 2000, for the Moon Society (ASI's successor for Member Services.)

  • We have appended the name Moon Society Journal next to Moon Miners' Manifesto, being the name of the four-page centerfold section on which the Society has first priority.
  • In May 2001, we began producing the newsletter in a pdf editon as well. To do this, we had to make changes in formating which resulted in additional improvements. This file is available to currten Moon Society members via their username and passoword.
  • Our network of National Space Society chapters who share MMM is growing and now numbers nine.
    Lunar Reclamation Society (Milwaukee), Sheboygan Space Society. Chicago Space Frontier Society; Oregon L5 Society (Portland); OASIS (Los Angeles); PASA (Philadelphis); Minnesota Space Frontier Society (Minneapolis-St. Paul), Denver Space Society, San Diego Space Society

If you have any suggestions for content, format, features, or any other aspect of MMM that would help us meet these goals, please contact us.

The real need is a steady flow of progress reports that convince the reader that the Moon Society is growing and doing things, and that it is worth his/her time and money to remain a member, and possibly become an active member. This is the bottom line, and we need help from anywhere!

In the meantime, taking advantage of the Society's new byline, "Private Enterprise on the Moon", we are filling these pages with articles and reports that play to that cue and a new Chapter & Outpost Frontier section

Still in the planning stages is an online subject index using a search engine geared to key word metatags in the online articles.

"MMM the Book?" - We have been getting querries of this nature for over twenty years. Our stock answer has been that we would have to quit putting out MMM the Newsletter to find the time needed to produce MMM the Book. However, our Classics, Themes, and Glossary projects are helping us to organize material from which a book could be published. We do have an interested publisher. That said, no promises, no predictions. But a tentative title: "A Pioneer's Guide to the Moon"

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