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Through the years, our principal projects have been putting out 10 issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto per year, now in our 28th year, producing MMM byproducts such as the MMM Classic Files, the MMM Theme Collections, a number of MMM-derived papers, The MMM Glossary, and The Cue Images Library on behalf of the Moon Society and the National Space Society

We have also endeavored to produce ever more display items for use at local outreach events and at the various International Space Development Conferences.

We also built an online Clearing House for Moon Society Chapter & Outpost Outreach Materials on the Space Chapter Hub website.

  • Flyers & Brochures: producing them for our own use but available to other chapters also - In Ocotber, 2002, we began uploading to the Space Chapter Hub website, flyers in pdf form that other Moon Society Chapters & Outposts could use. Also transparencies.
  • MMM spin-off Products e.g. an anthology of articles from past issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto that deal with for-profit enterprise, both leading up to a commercial moonbase, and carrying us from that threshhold into civilian industrial settlement. Under discussion (October 2002 ff.) by the Lunar Reclamation Society Board, is a possible project to scan all past issues (intact) (as image files) onto CDs and make them available for a price at LunarTraders.com.
  • Plans & Instructions "how-to-make-your-own-tabletop-moonbase" with item procurement hints, in both hardcopy and in downloadable form on this website. Meanwhile, we have uploaded full illustrated step by step instructions on how to make a set of Earth>Mars>Moon Gravity Bricks, and a similar set of instructions for the easier, cheaper Earth>Mars>Moon Gravity Jugs.

We also experimented with waterglass based "paints" that could be produced on the Moon for pioneer artists to use.
See also Lunar-Apropriate Art Media Pioneers - LAAMP

And, assisting Dave Dunlop, we endeavored to trailblaze technologies for growing plants on the Moon: the LUNAX experiments.


A SIDEWALK ASTRONOMY KIT including a small portable telescope, and a collapsible free standing rack to hold literature about the Artemis Project and our Moon Society Outpost, sample copies of Artemis Magazine. with spare subscription forms, and so on. A 12" globe of the Moon is at our disposal and would make a nice complement.

  • What: all equipment chosen and/or designed to fit in a car trunk and be taken out in the field whenever clear skies, a volunteer, and the Moon were all available.
  • Where: busy urban places are fine as dark skies are not needed to see the Moon well. A movie theater parking lot (when a good science fiction film is showing) might be promising. We should choose safe, busy spots (not secluded parks!)
  • When: the eight day stretch, from four days before half moon (first quarter) to about four days after, offers the most satisfying views, showing craters and mountains in good relief and contrast in prime time evening hours. The dates will shift with each calendar month.
  • Why: most people have never looked at the Moon through a telescope and are amazed to see craters and mountains so clearly. This drives home the realization that they are looking at more than a bright light in the sky, at another world.
  • How: if room in the info rack was provided for brochures and flyers of the Lunar Reclamation Society, LRS would pick up the tab for all up front costs of the sidewalk astronomy setup.


AGING MEMBERSHIPS - We are concerned with the aging of our membership and our apparent inability to attract younger persons. All established associations are having this problem of not being able to communicate with and spread our enthusiasm to young people. We are exploring a variety of approaches, media, and lures in an attempt to turn this tide around.

√ GETTING OUT THE WORD - if the old ways don't work any more, then we must try new ways.
  • The Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society, which has not been able to host an outreach event in some years now is trying a new "avenue" of communications - No, not Facebook, or Twitter - which, if they attract anyone serious, not just flirtatious, are not effective on the local home front as they are global in reach.
  • Instead we have begun testing the waters of another internet Medium, one which per se is localizing, aimed at people within a short geographical radius: MEET-UP. So we put up our local Milwaukee Space Exploration Meetup page and within a few days we had attracted a half dozen enthused people we never would have met by the usual means of outreach. Meetup focuses your efforts.
  • We will also use our new Meetup to organize outreach events, Yuri's Night 2014 to begin with. MLRS has not had a successful outreach event in some years!!
  • First we put up a webpage, Space-Milwaukee.com which attempts to list all the local space and astronomy focused organizations, faciliites, and relevant research on local campuses. This page will hopefully become more complete with time.
  • We are hoping these two initiatives will revitalize our chapter, and make it more effective than at any time in the past.
  • We will be sharing our experiences with this new combo (Space-Milwaukee.com and Milwaukee Space Exploration Meetup) with other NSS and TMS chapters.
STAY TUNED: MLRS is 27 years old, and suddenly feeling younger than ever!

CONTACT: Peter Kokh, kokhmmm @ aol.com - 414-342-0705 (7 am-9 pm Central Time)