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  • MLRS will supply speakers for various events in the Greater Milwaukee area.
  • For talks outside the Milwaukee County Transit Service Area, transpotation must be provided or paid for.e
  • Gratuities are not expected, but donations to help further our outreach activities are welcome.

MLRS Speakers and the things they like to talk about

Peter Kokh (414) 342-0705  (7am-9pm Central Time)

Prepared Talks: The Moon

  • Common Myths about the Moon
  • Clean Energy from the Moon to wipe out poverty and save our environment
  • The Moon: From Outposts to Settlements
  • Living of the Moon: Resourcefulness is the Key to Lunar Settlement
  • Home, home on the Moon: underground for safety, but with the Sun and the views - and without Spacesuits
  • Expanding a Lunar Outpost with made-on-Luna additions
  • The "Magnificent Desolation" - outdoors on the Moon
  • Living with the Moon's month-long day
  • Beyond Biosphere II: establishing mini-biospheres on the Moon and Mars.
  • Living downwind and downstream from themselves, pioneers don't dare pollute
  • The Xity: beyond Earth's atmosphere, Cities will be radically different institutions
  • "Regolith Impressionism": Paints Lunar Settlers can make from moondust
  • Towards a distinctive Lunar Culture: customs, calendar, holidays, arts, sports, etc.
  • The Commercial route to Opening up the Moon
  • Social lessons for Earth that may come out of the Lunar frontier experience
  • Breaking out of "Cradle Earth", viable exclaves of humanity and Earth-life
  • Toward an Earth-Moon Economy: diversification of lunar industry
  • Prinzton: a design study for a 3,000 person Lunar Settlement
  • The Moon's Hidden Valleys: lavatube shangrilas
  • Beyond the Hubble Space Telescope: advantages of observatories on the Moon
  • Amateur Astronomy from the Moon and Elsewhere
  • Arts & Crafts on the Moon
  • U-LuCy: The University of Luna in Cyberspace
Prepared Talks: Mars
  • Moon versus Mars: what should be our priorities and synergies?
  • The Exploration of Mars: let's not go until we are ready to do it right!
  • The Colonization of Mars: making a second home for man on the red planet
  • Towards a distinctive Martian Culture: calendar, holidays, arts & crafts, sports, etc.
  • Mars' More Earthlike past: where did all the water go?
  • Red Mars-Green Mars-Blue Mars: "terraforming" Mars vs. "rejuvenating" it
  • Earth-Moon-Mars Triangle of Trade: making the economics work
  • Pioneering on Mars: Yolk Sac Mentality & Resourcefulness are the Keys to Mars Settlement
  • Home sweet home on Mars: underground for safety, but with the Sun and the views
  • Mars' Hidden Valleys: lavatube Shangrilas
  • Expanding a Martian Outpost with made-on-Mars additions
  • Life on Mars with and without Spacesuits
  • Tourism to Mars, direct and via Venus, Cycling Mars-run ships

Prepared Talks: Elsewhere in the Solar System

  • Island Cities in Space: the Vision of Gerard O'Neill
  • Venus: this "hellish" planet may not be totally off-limits
  • Mercury: why its closeness to the Sun could be an asset
  • Resources from the Asteroids and Dormant Comets
  • Europa: the water moon of Jupiter: the mysteries of its ice-covered ocea
  • Titan: mysterious and exotic giant moon of Saturn
  • The Economic Geography of the Solar System

Prepared Talks: Commercial Space

  • Commercial Space Opportunities, on Earth and out there, now and coming up
  • Tourism in Space I: suborbital hops; orbital hotels; loop-the-Moon excursions
  • Tourism in Space II: on the Moon, to Mars, the rings and moons of Saturn

Prepared Talks: Beyond the Solar System

  • Will Humans Ever Reach the Stars?
  • Could Earth have been visited by other intelligent races?