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Archon 30

ready to talk about the Moon Society - Ken, Keith, Dave   Bob recruting - photo by Rufus
manning the Moon Society - St. Louis Chapter Table @ Archon 30
ready to talk about the Moon Society - Ken Howard, Keith Wetzel, Dave Heck
Bob Perry recruting - photo by Rufus Anderson

David gave two presentations, both on Saturday,
"Design Considerations for Lunar Manufacturing"
"What to Do with Space Station Poo"
(send it to the moon)

Bob also gave two presentations, the first on Saturday, "ice for the colonists",
and the second on Sunday, "building Cloud City"

Some of the items on display are
a flyer about our chapter
gravity bricks by Peter Kokh and an explanation
a lunar simulant and an explanation
notebooks about the Moon and about Mars
several posters supported by our PVC framework
have been cropped out of this view but are in our photos from Archon 29
handouts from our parent organization,
"Introduction to the Moon Society"
"The Lunar and Martian Frontiers will have Much in Common"
Note that there are other handouts available
our chapter's handouts for new recruits
the bookmark by LPI using the Clemintine photo of Earthrise
the Lunar Landings Moon Map by LPI
a multipanel display board which includes a pie chart
of element abundance in the regolith