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Dave Deitzler Dave Dietzler is a native St. Louisan and space enthusiast who has contributed numerous articles to the Moon Miner's Manifesto.  He enjoys writing, science fiction, star gazing and anything connected with space travel.  Dave likes Arthur C. Clarke's boast,

"I intend to go to the Moon.  I hope but hardly expect to go to Mars."

You can visit his websites at http://groups.msn.com/DaveDietzler and http://www.moonminer.com

Articles published by Dave Dietzler
Note:   MMM = Moon Miners Manifesto, The Moon Society's Monthly Journal
Note:   MMR = Moon Miner Review & Pleiades Report (Semi-annual report)

MMM # 157 August 2002
p 7.Cobalt Blue & Other Substances from Lunar Regolith, Dave Dietzler

MMM # 158 September 2002
p 3. Farming on The Moon, D. Dietzler

MMM # 159 October 2002
p 4. Moon Power, D. Dietzler
p 5. Lunar Cement & Plaster, D. Dietzler

MMM # 160 November 2002
p 6. Making Glass on the Moon, D. Dietzler

MMM # 161 December 2002
p 3. Cheesy Paints for Lunan Artists, D. Dietzler, P. Kokh

MMR #32 January 2003
pp 2-4 The Byzantine Road to Luna and Beyond, Dave Dietzler
pp 4-5 Moon Rockets, Dave Dietzler
      p 5 Lunar Cyclers, Dave Dietzler

MMM # 164 April 2003
p 3. Interlunar Cycling Station: Travel 1st Class, D.Dietzler

MMM #168 September 2003
p 3. Smelting Regolith: a Simpler Process, D. Dietzler