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Moon Madness Night 2009

On Friday, January 9, 2009, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
the Center for Creative Learning, Intermediate Campus
265 Old State Road
Ellisville, MO   603021
phone 636-207-2579

had speakers, Moon rocks, telescopes, student projects . . .
The students, parents, friends and relatives had a fantastic time at the 12thannual Moon Madness Night.

Here is the schedule

The evening started in the Multi-Purpose Room where
Ms. Christine Nobbe and Dr. Jill Brown gave the Welcome and Announcements
and Mr. Earl Mullins talked about space and his Space Museum.  Then the crowd went to various sessions.

Bob Perry, Mark Rode, and Dabne Tolson got Chris to join them at the Moon Society table
for a "photo op".  And just like last year, the Gravity Bricks got a lot of attention.

Another item that got some notice was the lunar simulant,
a "rock" with the same mineral mix as the basalt brought back by the
Apollo astronauts. It's one of the "rocks" produced for experimenting for
in situ resource utilization by universities and various industries.
The stack of orange handouts was a list of favorable flyovers by
the International Space Station. Here is a copy.