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ShowMeCon 5

On Saturday, the 21st of April, 2007, we were the "hard science" block at the con.
Sorry, no photos of our "fan table" or of us during our presentations/panels.
The con relocated to a different hotel and the fan tables were in a narrower hallway - not a good photo-op. And once we started our presentations, we didn't give any thought to a souvenir photo. So, to have something to post here, we are making available copies of the PPTs we used and the URLs used in them.
Dave Heck wrote up the handbill and posted it at our fan table and at the door to the conference room. The first presentation, Dave Heck's NASA's Moon Plans included slides from NASA's 2nd Space Exploration Conference held on December 4-6, 2006 in Houston Texas. Then Bob Perry talked about the "foreseeable future" when, as a space faring race, we will have to protect ourselves from a PHA (potentially hazardus asteroid). Fortunately, we're reasonable sure that Apophis with its 6:7 year resonance with the Earth, will miss the keyhole in its 2029 flyby so that in 2036 it will miss the Earth. Bob referenced these URLs. After that excitement, Where we didn't quite ruin our pants, Dave proposed What to Do with Space Station Poo. The last presentation was a round table discussion based on something circulating on the web, the Blue Beauty Power Point Slide Show which uses satellite photos of the home planet, including a series of amazing nighttime composites.