Moon Conferences and Meetings


Calendar of USA/Canada
Moon Conferences and Meetings - 2012 - WIP

updated 1/01/2012

Note: The National Space Society's Annual International Space Development Conference serves as the primary venue for Moon Society leaders and members to gather.
The Moon Society and NSS have been mutually affiliated since June 1, 2005. The Moon Society has chaired the Moon Track at ISDC in 2007, 2008, and will do so again this year, when we are also hosting the new Space and Environment Track.
This list is published as a service to our members. Listing on this page does not imply that the Moon Society is a cosponsor of each of these conferences.
Conference - Sponsor Dates Location Moon Society Presence
9th Annual Astronomy & Space Symposium
"Expanding Canada's Frontiers"
 - Astronomy & Space Exploration Society
January 20 Toronto (U. of Toronto)  
43rd Lunar and Planetary Science Conference March 19-23 The Woodlands, TX yes
Space Access Conference April  Phoenix, AZ yes
International Space Development Conference 2012 (NSS) (Moon Society) May 24-28 Washington, DC yes
Planetary and Terrestrial Mining Sciences Symposium
3rd annual conference held conjointly with the Space Resources Roundtable
Sun-Wed ? ?
New Space 2012 (SFF) July ? NASA Ames,   
15 th Mars Society Convention (Mars Society) August 3-5 Pasadena, CA  
SEDS Spacevision 2012  Nov. 8-11 Buffalo, NY yes

Moon Society Meetings are held online in the ASI_MOO unless otherwise noted.