Calendar of Moon conferences and meetings - 2004

Conference DateLocation
35th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPI) March 15-19, 2004 League City, Texas

High Frontier Conference XVI (SSI) See site .

International Space Development Conference 2004 (NSS) May 27-31, 2004 Oklahoma City, OK

Mars Society Convention (Mars Society) August 19-20, 2004 Chicago, Illinois

The Moon Society

In the Proposal Stage
as of Jan 2004

Lets Pick a Date Lets Pick a Place

Regularly scheduled Moon Society meetings:

Meetings are held online in the MOO unless otherwise noted.


Date & Time

The Moon Society
Leadership Council:
1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month
at 9:00 PM US Eastern
Artemis Society International
Leadership Council:
Last Wednesday of every month
at 9:00 PM US Eastern
Web team: As Needed
Fund raising team: As Needed
Chapters team: As Needed
Outreach team: As Needed
Lunar power team: As Needed


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