NOTE: The Moon Society's LUNAR FLAG DESIGN CONTEST (2000-2001) has ended

A Flag for the Moon? - A Flag for the Moon Society?
updated August 15, 2010

Let's take the easiest question first:
Should the Moon Society adopt a flag to represent itself and its efforts?
This is easier becaue we don't need to seek world-wide consensus!
In 2006, the Moon Society adopted a Flag to fly over the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah during its 2-week long Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 exercise, as Crew 45 - February 26 - March 11, 2006.  In advance, crew members were asked their preferences on a set of possible flag designs. There was no consensus at all, so the crew commander, Pete Kokh, deferred to the pattern set by the Mars Society flag that always flew over M.D.R.S., the "Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars" Tricolor. For the purposes of this simulation exercise, we had a flag made in the Tricolor motif. Our Colors were, left to right, Gray (for moon dust), Blue (for water), Green (for vegetation and biosphere). Moon Simulation Flag over MDRS 2006

Because of this precedent, should the Moon Society undertake further Lunar Analog Research efforts, whether at M.D.R.S, at its own Station should we ever find and secure a suitable area of land, or at scattered analog activity areas, perhaps we should do so under this flag.

Some other previous design proposals
Note: There has been no attempt to display these in any sort of chronological order.
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Earth flag by Shaun Moss
Earth Flag
by Shaun Moss 
Mate Moon Flag
Peter Kokh
"reclamation" motif-PK

"reclamation" motif-PK

"Lunaissance" - PK
Tricolor MoonSoc Analog Flag
Flag flown at MDRS,
2006 - PK
Should the Moon Society attempt to pick a flag for future pioneers and settleres to fly on the Moon?
We are firm believers that the pioneers and settlers themselves should make this and other decisions that will affect their future, not ours. That said, there is no reason not to ontinue collectingproposed moon flag designs

The "Reclamation Flag" - designed by Peter Kokh, co-founder of The Lunar Reclamation Society, the Milwaukee chapter of the National Space Society.

The "Reclamation Moon Flag" - The double wall of the hexagon represents the hull complex that contains the atmosphere against the outside vacuum. The lower gray half represent the moon dust that is our foundation, and the source of all the elements on which lunar industries are based. The yellow triangle represents the energy of sunlight. The blue is for the precious water whose hydrogen we harvest with care, and which must be recycled religiously. The green is for the living vegetation that supports our biosphere and all of our human activities. Thus this hexagon represents the "blueprint for human settlements on the Moon" Lunar Reclamation Flag
Members and Vistors are welcome to submit their own Moon Flag designs
  • There is no contest; there are no prizes.
  • Keep the design simple. Many national flags are complex, however, e.g. USA, UK, Brazil
  • The width to height ratio should be exactly 3:2 e.g. 360:240 pixels
  • We will make the thumbnail from your design, just send the full size image
  • Not too many colors - from 2 to 6 recommended
  • Give your entry a short image name (we may change it)
  • In your email submission, explain the rationale for your design
  • mail your design to - put "flag" in the subject line - you should get confirmation email


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