Moon Miners Manifesto

MMM Update for 2018

Starting in 2018 the Moon Society will be taking over publication of the Moon Miners' Manifesto. The Manifesto will be published publicly on the Society's website and via email to subscribers. Due to the ubiquity of the modern Internet the Society will no longer be mailing hard copies of the Manifesto. Within the coming months the entire archive will be reorganized and made publicly available. This begins the 2018 publication shedule:

Moon Miners' Manifesto #302 - December 2017


Moon Miners' Manifesto is a monthly newsletter, published continuously since December 1986, by the Lunar Reclamation Society, which serves as the SE Wisconsin Chapter of the National Space Society and as the Milwaukee Outpost of the Moon Society. The November 2011 issue completed the first 25 years of uninterrupted publication, ten issues per year (not published in January or July).

In continuous publication since 1986, the Moon Miners' Manifesto reports on and challenges the space development community in ten issues a year.

We refer you to The MMM Glossary: "MMM Speak," or Old Words with New Meanings and New Words when no present ones would

MMM serves several other National Space Society chapters, the members of the Moon Society, and individual subscribers, and is available to the members of the American Lunar Society as well, per an affiliation agreement signed in 2005.

Most issues of MMM contain speculative articles that deal with the opening of the Lunar frontier, suggesting how pioneers can make best use of local resources. Some of the points made will relate specifically to pioneer life in the lunar environment. But many points will hold for frontier living on Mars as well.



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To make freely available non-time sensitive articles from MMM issues older than three years, the MMM Classics archives were creatted

This same material is being made available in collections organized by theme. in the MMM Theme issues

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Designing a Moon-stable Coffee Mug
How not to knock over the coffee mug on the Moon.
Design for the difference between mass and weight.
Click on image above for largerview and explanation.

MMM Glossary

To asquaint new members and visitors with special terms used in MMM for new concepts and ideas, the MMM Glossary was created

Some individual articles online

Papers online compiling articles on a particular topic

Covers of some recent MMM Issues

MMM-Derived Papers
- free access

These papers were on The Lunar Reclamation Society site, until that site went off the Internet, and are now preserved here.
[LRS has been the publisher of Moon Miners' Manifesto]

Moonbeams (fiction) - free access

Science-Fiction has played a strong role in fostering an interest in Space Exploration, Settlement, and Travel. Moonbeams was launched in the Fall of 2008 as collections of short stories about the opening of the space frontier. The purpose is to widen the perception of what may be possible. Issues are released when "enough good articles" have been sent in. Chuck Lesher of the Moon Society Phoenix chapter is the editor.

Moon Miners' Manifesto - India Quarterly ("M3IQ") - free access

"M3IQ" was launched in the fall of 2008 shortly after Chandrayaan-1, India's first lunar orbiter, was successfully launched. We have been publishing this Quarterly edition, in pdf format only, with the download link emailed to various organizations and email-lists in India and elsewhere.

While is a strong focus on India's space program and India's future in space, including the Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter and proposed future lunar missions, there is also Indian space news in general, plus a selection of articles from MMM issues current and past deemed by the editorial board to be of interest to Indian readers.

The "Elsewhere in Asia" and "Elsewhere in the Commonwealth" sections expand the scope of the potential audience and in summer 2011 we begun marketing M3IQ to email addresses throughout Asia and the Commonwealth.