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Leslie Wickman, Crew Biologist

Leslie Wickman, currently director of the Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University, is a former Lockheed Martin engineer recognized by NASA for her contributions to the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station, as well as an internationally respected research scientist and engineering consultant.

For more than a decade, Wickman was an engineer for Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space in Sunnyvale, Calif., where she worked on NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station Programs, receiving commendations from NASA for her contributions and being designated as Lockheed's Corporate Astronaut.

For the last six years, she has worked as a research scientist with the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica on the technical and political aspects of various national defense issues. She is currently conducting research on sustainable water reclamation methods, and also serves as a consulting scientist on crew systems and human factors considerations for future space vehicles, and extreme environment physiology projects.

As director of the Center for Research in Science at Azusa Pacific University, Wickman's responsibilities include addressing the relationship between science and theology. She has lectured extensively around the world on satellite servicing, astronaut operations, mission planning, and space physiology issues.

Wickman holds a master's degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering and a doctoral degree in human factors and biomechanics, both from Stanford University. Prior to her graduate studies, she graduated magna cum laude from Willamette University with a bachelor's degree in political science.

Wickman is a dedicated athlete who plays competitive beach volleyball and women's professional tackle football, and also enjoys surfing, skiing, rollerblading, tennis and most other sports. Other interests include music, board games, environmental issues, astronomy, exploring the solar system, and ministering to the less fortunate on this planet.


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Leslie Wickman, Crew Biologist

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