How to Make a Donation

To contribute to full funding of the recently completed
Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Mission and to
provide seed money for a follow-on mission,

use the "Make a Donation" Button on the Society's front page,
n the left hand menu column, just below the "Join" button.

(Please use the button on the front page as this one is not linked)

Clicking on the Make a Donation button calls up a secure PayPal form.

On that form members and visitors motivated to donate to the Moon Society and/or specific projects can make a secure donation using a credit card or a PayPal bank account.

If you wish your donation to go towards a specific project or purpose, please follow it up with an email note to noting your donation amount and the date and stating the specific purpose. Examples: "The Rent-MDRS Project (or Artemis Moonbase Sim 1)".

NOTE: if you do not specify by email that your donation is for this project, it will go into the General Funds and it will not be used to support our mission. Several recent donations did not specify a use!

Thank you for your generosity!

You may also contribute by purchasing logo items from our Mission Store: