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Dec. 8, 2000 A new entrant in the TV space race
"German firm plans to send winners to new space station in 2002-2008 - Forget the Caribbean holiday or a million dollars in cash.  A German television production company said Friday it has come up with the ultimate TV show prize " (

Dec. 7, 2000 Voyage of the Space Veggies
"We're a curious lot.  Always looking for new stuff to do.  Always looking for new places to go. Maybe that's why we feel it's our destiny to travel to other planets.  And not just to drop in, dig around, grab some rocks and catch a ride home on the next feasible trajectory, but to settle in, maybe even build a colony." (

Dec. 6, 2000 Putting the Pressure On
"Jennifer Laing reports on a young Australian involved in new spacesuit design.  James Waldie, a Research Scholar at UCSD, is looking at new spacesuit models for both intra-vehicular (IVA) and extra-vehicular (EVA) use, to help counteract the debilitating effects of weightlessness on astronauts, and perhaps assist expeditions to the Moon and Mars." (

Nov. 30, 2000 Lunar Meteorite Ages Strongly Support Lunar Cataclysm
"Lunar meteorite ages present new, strong evidence for the "lunar cataclysm," a 20-to-200 million-year episode of intense bombardment of the moon and the Earth at 3.9 billion years ago -- when the first evidence of life appeared on Earth, planetary scientists report in the Dec. 1 issue of Science." (Space Daily)

Nov. 10, 2000 Mining Space: Whither NASA?
"While the "pickings" might be good for mining the Moon or crushing up asteroids, creating markets and making money on the space frontier currently is more prophet than profit." (

Nov. 2000 I Was a Space Tourist in Russia
"I'm headed toward the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in Star City, Russia, about an hour from Moscow.  Star City is not particularly stellar, nor much of a city.  In the searing heat of early June, the center has the eerie sensation of a ghost town.  We see overgrown grass, empty parking lots, and only a few people as we drive toward an airstrip where an Ilyushin-76 jet is waiting.  Since lunar and orbiting hotels are still just on drawing boards, this is my ticket to a space-like experience." (Popular Science)

Oct. 26, 2000 Otis Says Space Elevator Feasible
"Otis Elevator says it "the right stuff" to help NASA achieve its dream of building a space elevator.  In an August report, NASA first detailed the concept of building a space elevator that would hum along a thin diamond fiber and extend 22,000 miles above the earth's equator to a point in space known as "geosynchronous orbit" (

Oct. 17, 2000 Report: China to Use Robots In Space Exploration
"Before China sends astronauts to the Moon, Chinese robots will explore the lunar surface, mapping out landing sites and places for human exploration, state media, quoting government scientists, reported Tuesday." (

Oct. 16, 2000 Is a Vacation in Space Far-Out Fantasy, Or Close to Reality?
"You can't buckle up just yet.  But the day of space passenger flight is approaching faster than most people think." (

Oct. 12, 2000 Company Sells Shares To Support Mir
"The company that leased time for commercial use on Russia's aging Mir space station said Thursday it intends to turn to the stock market to raise $117 million to refurbish the station and keep it flying.  Netherlands-based MirCorp, which plans to send so-called ``space tourists'' to Mir as a commercial venture, will do an initial public offering in February 2001 amounting to 9 percent of the company, said Dr. Chirinjeev Kathuria, one of MirCorp's major investors." (Yahoo News)

Oct. 4, 2000 NASA says 'you buy, you fly' on space station
"China's budding space program plans to explore the moon for commercially useful resources and hopes one day to take part in an international expedition to Mars, members of the secretive program said Wednesday." (Yahoo News)

Oct. 4, 2000 China Plans Lunar Landing
"NASA needs to push the commercialization of space to help pave the way for manned missions to the moon, Mars and beyond, says Dan Tam, NASA's commercialization administrator. NASA cannot afford to operate and maintain a 460-ton, 360-foot-long outpost in low-Earth orbit and achieve its lofty exploration goals." (USAToday)

Sep. 27, 2000 House Passes Bill to Award Apollo Astronauts Moon Rocks
"Between the years of 1969 and 1972, astronauts on six Apollo missions retrieved 842 pounds (382 kilograms) of rocks, core samples, pebbles, sand and dust from the moon.  For their haul, these 12 moonwalkers (and six command module pilots) were heralded as international heroes, receiving honors from almost every nation in the world.  Yet, they were never permitted to keep a sample of the surface they alone had visited.  Now, it looks like that is about to change." (

Sep. 19, 2000 China To Develop New Generation of Rockets With View To Moon Landing
"China will start research and development of a new generation of rockets, including a reusable launch vehicle (RLV), and set its sight on landing on the Moon, the Hong Kong-based Ta Kung Pao reports." (

Sep. 18, 2000 Robotic Pair Planned as First Lunar Colonists
"Space-event start-up company, Applied Space Resources (ASR), is negotiating with prominent robotics physicist, Mark W. Tilden, at Los Alamos National Laboratory for two autonomous robots to collect moon rocks from the virgin Mare Nectaris for sale on Earth." (

Sep. 15, 2000 NASA Envisions Human Missions to Deep Space
"NASA wants to put Earth in its rear view mirror.  The space agency has scripted a step-by-step plan to send astronauts to locales between Earth, the moon and the sun, to Mars and the asteroids, and even farther -- to the moons of several outer planets." (

Sep. 15, 2000 Legal Loopholes Help Man Sell the Moon
"Dennis Hope, a California entrepreneur who first laid claim to the entire moon in 1980, is gearing up to jack the prices of land on Earth's lone natural satellite.  Exploiting what he calls a loophole in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty -- which forbids nations, but not individuals, from appropriating the moon and other celestial bodies -- Hope has quietly sold parcels on the moon to some 300,000 people through his Rio Vista, California company, Lunar Embassy." (

Sep. 12, 2000 NBC To Release Space Reality Series
"NBC is hoping for a ratings liftoff from ``Survivor'' mastermind Mark Burnett.  The network has agreed to pay nearly $40 million for the rights to Burnett's ``Destination Mir,'' a reality series that would launch an everyday American into space for a rendezvous with the Russian space station Mir, according to Tuesday's Daily Variety." (NY Times - A.P.)

Sep. 3, 2000 TransOrbital and FINDS Announce First Commercial Lunar Data Purchase
"TransOrbital, a San Diego-based company developing the TrailBlazer 2001 lunar orbiter, said last week it reached an agreement with the Foundation for the International Nongovernmental Development of Space (FINDS) to test the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites as a way to navigate spacecraft en route to or in orbit around the Moon." (Spaceviews)

Sep. 1, 2000 Torn Away: The Moon's Violent Birth
"Two new studies bolster the popular theory that the moon formed from debris after a rogue planet smacked into Earth about 4.5 billion years ago." (

Aug. 26, 2000 Space Tourist Begins Training for Mir Flight
"Dennis Tito, the American millionaire who is slated to become the first commercial space tourist, passed a series of medical tests this week and has started training for his flight to Mir next year." (Spaceviews)

Aug. 18, 2000 Discovery: Lunar Meteorite
"The meteorite, weighing just 6.1 ounces (174 grams), joins a select group of about 23 rocks known to have arrived on Earth after being blasted from the moon. Those rocks represent anywhere from 15 to 18 separate meteorite falls." (

Aug. 17, 2000 University of Southern California - Announces a new Space System Architectures course
"THE MOON : Strategic Technologies for Long Duration Space Missions.  (Design Project Focus Fall 2000) With the construction of International Space Station well underway, NASA Office of Exploration is currently looking at alternative options for human and robotic lunar missions that will provide the critical simulation experience necessary to advance technologies, operational expertise and policy framework for long duration space mission architectures, needed to design, build and commission interplanetary transit vehicles, planetary basing elements and supporting infrastructure."

Aug. 16, 2000 Making Mars Bricks for Long-Term Red Planet Stays
"Ryan McGlothlin takes a sugar-like powder, stirs in a substance that resembles flour, pours the mix into a mold and bakes it.  The end result is not a cake but a small, shiny, black bar designed to shield against radiation.  The "sugar" really is polyethylene, and the "flour" is a gray topsoil." (

Aug. 9, 2000 "Survivor" Producer Planning Space-Themed Show
"The producer of the top-rated reality television show "Survivor" is planning a similar show where the winner would receive not a million dollars but a trip to the Russian space station Mir, the newspaper USA Today reported Wednesday." (Space Views)

Aug. 8, 2000 Planetary Society to Sponsor Expanded SETI@home
"The Planetary Society announced Tuesday it was teaming up with a new media startup company to take the lead sponsorship role in SETI@home, a project to help analyze data in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI)." (Space Views)

Aug. 7, 2000 Articles of Incorporation Filed
The Articles of Incorporation for the Moon Society were mailed to the State of Texas for filing today. This is the legal "birth" of our new organization, and is the first step in creation of the infrastructure to support our goals. Many thanks to everyone who has helped in getting to this point.

Scotty Gammenthaler
Director and Treasurer

Aug. 6, 2000 Announcing the Bylaws Mail List
A mail list has been created for the purpose of submitting and discussing changes to the Moon Society bylaws. All interested Moon Society members are invited to join this list. If you would like to participate in this activity, send an email message to with the following text on a line by itself in the body (not the subject!) of the message:

subscribe bylaws youremailaddress

you can also subscribe to the digest for this list with:

subscribe bylaws-digest youremailaddress

Scotty Gammenthaler
List owner/moderator

Jul. 25, 2000 Dust, Rocks, Meteorites And Other Debris
"Interplanetary space probes, interstellar dust grains, meteorites from the moon and Mars, meteorite impact craters on Earth and four-and-a-half-billion-year-old water samples are among the topics that scientists will discuss at the 63rd Annual Meteoritical Society Meeting in Chicago from Aug. 28 to Sept. 1." (

Jul. 24, 2000 Lunar Business Ideas Booming
Report on the Lunar Development Conference "If investment visionaries have their way, the 21st century Earth's moon is going to be dotted with robot factories, underground cities, power towers, tourist stopovers, science stations, even lunar burial sites." (

Jul. 23, 2000 Top 10 Reasons to Inhabit Outer Space
"A better life awaits you in the off-world colonies. That's the conclusion of 12 experts polled for the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the first launch from Cape Canaveral." (

Jul. 21, 2000 Marking Time In Our Journey Into Space
"The heroic age of space exploration is over. Recent years have brought a slow, steady build-up in our understanding of the universe. But as man stares at the stars and wonders about the century ahead, he is faced, not with with fewer questions but more." (Space Daily)

Jul. 19, 2000 Scientists Explain Levitating Lunar Dust
"In a paper published in the June 26 issue of the journal Physical Research Letters, a University of Colorado research team reported experimental evidence that confirms the leading explanation for the dust layer first observed by the Surveyor lander missions in the mid 1960s." ( News)

Jul. 17, 2000 After the gold rush on Earth a 'Helium rush' to the Moon?
"The 3He isotope ("Helium 3") present in the Moon's regolith just below the surface of its maria is considered to be the only resource worth extracting and bringing to Earth - more valuable than, gold, diamonds or even enriched uranium!  Quantities of Helium 3 on the Moon are worth about 3 Billion US$ a tonne at todays' oil prices.  It has been calculated that the Moon has enormous reserves of 3He in the order of one million metric tonnes. " (

Jul. 17, 2000 India's Moon Mission May Not Happen
"Despite the media hype of the past few weeks surrounding India's planned moon mission, the head of the country's space agency says that a trip to the crater-ridden sphere may not happen at all." (

"Today history may have taken a strong turn into the right direction.  This afternoon, the Lunar Explorers Society (LES) was founded by members of the International Lunar Explorers Working Group (ILEWG) and other attendees of the 4th International Conference on the Exploration and Utilisation of the Moon (ICEUM4).  The new society strives for a human return to the Moon.  Its goal: to expand the presenceof humans to the Moon permanently for the benefit of mankind and the progress of our species as a space-faring civilisation."

Jul. 14, 2000 Dust Gets A Charge In A Vacuum
"A small layer of dust suspended several feet above the moon's surface that was first photographed by the Lunar Surveyor spacecraft in the 1960s and later observed by Apollo astronauts has been a puzzle to some planetary scientists." (SpaceDaily)

Jul. 13, 2000 Scientists Look to Moonbeams for Earth Energy
"A solution to world energy woes and rising gasoline prices might require looking off Earth at our nearest celestial neighbor -- the moon." (

Jul. 12, 2000 'Next Time We Stay!' On Apollo Anniversary, Experts Gather to Plan Return to the Moon
"Entrepreneurs, experts and scientists will meet July 20th and 21st at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to discuss plans for lunar exploration and settlement, including the recently announced first ever commercially-sponsored missions to the Moon." (Yahoo Business News)

Jul. 11, 2000 Fasten Your Seat-Belts, We Are Going To The Moon
"Opening proceedings and greeting the many young people present this week in Noordwijk, Bernard Foing, President of the inter-agency International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG) nicely set the tone of the event." (SpaceDaily)

Jul. 11, 2000 MirCorp Teams With GPC International Mir Advertising
"Russia's Mir space station - the most visited and talked about place in space - has been opened for sponsorship and advertising opportunities through an agreement signed by MirCorp with GPC International." (SpaceDaily)

Jul. 10, 2000 Exploring the Moon: Europe Leads the Way
"Increasingly, many nations are taking a longing look at Earth's celestial next-door neighbor.  To prove the point, you don't have to look much farther than the Fourth International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of the Moon.  Set for July 10-15, the lunar conference will be held in Noordwijk." (

Jul. 3, 2000 Moon Mission
"In a bid to emerge as a global space power India plans an ambitious lunar launch that will boost its technological capability and ignite popular imagination. &bnsp;But there are still many naysayers. "(India Today)

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