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Membership Coordinator

The Moon Society thrives on its active membership. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that new members receive their membership swag (which can be ordered electronically from our vendor dropshipper), and that membership renewals are sent and processed quickly. The Membership Coordinator can also assist with the development of new "schwag" items for promotion of the Society and for sale on our upcoming Lunar Traders store.

Moon Society Annual Meeting

The Society held its Annual Meeting as mandated by its Bylaws this evening. Michael Mealling, President, gave the State of the Society Report and James Burk, Vice President, updated the Society on the results of the recent election:

For Board Seat #1 - Philip Crume #1623 ran unopposed and received 86% of the vote, and retained his seat.  

For Board Seat #2 - Rose Dieteman #1340 ran unopposed and received 95% of the vote, and will now join the board.  

2018 Society Annual Report

President's Report to Our Members on The State of The Society
for our 9th Annual Membership Meeting
August 5, 2018

The Society is in better shape than it has been in some years and is on a path of growth and activism.

Membership Report

As of 08/05/17, Moon Society membership stood at 106 members, up from 89 a year ago, a 17% increase.

Treasury Report

The Society has funds available in the amount of $33,655, approximately flat from a year ago but with expenses were up significantly from recent years.

University of Luna Award Given to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Former President of India

9.30.2010 - Today, the Moon Society presented its University of Luna Award to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam for his vision and advocacy of space solar power to meet global requirements for clean energy, economic development, and environmental restoration. David A. Dunlop, Moon Society Director of Project Development and our  unofficial roving Ambassador, made the presentation at the prestigious McDonald Club in Toronto, Ontario after a two-day drive from his home in Green Bay, Wisconsin, stopping at the Milwaukee home of Society President Peter Kokh to pick up the award.

The Moon Society endorses Paul Spudis’ Plan to return to the Moon in an affordable way

2010.01.05 - Paul Spudis has asked, “Can we afford to return to the Moon?” and come up with an encouraging positive proposal.

You may be one of many members and other lunar frontier supporters who have been in the doldrums and somewhat discouraged over the cancellation of the Constellation program as too costly, and about the redirection of NASA away from the Moon.