Secretary Candidate Statement: James Gholston

I first became involved with the effort that includes The Moon Society in early 1999. My membership number is one of the last assigned by Artemis Society International prior to the establishment of the Moon Society.

I served for three years (2006-2009) on the Moon Society board of directors and achieved my major objectives, including Lunarpedia, before stepping down to make room for newer members with fresh objectives. I have continued to regularly attend meetings of the management committee and board ever since.

I spent most of the first half of this year creating our new website with Rose Dieteman and Scotty Gammenthaler.

We have had a historical problem keeping the Secretary position filled, and I have accepted appointment to replace the outgoing secretary in the hope of avoiding a vacancy. As secretary I will primarily be concerned with providing minutes. As a member of the management committee I expect to focus on our long term financial stability in a dangerously uncertain monetary and economic environment.