Board of Directors Candidate Statement: Philip Crume

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. To become great, become part of a cause greater than yourself. The Moon Society is more than just a place where a bunch of like-minded individuals come together to do something, we're adding momentum to a cause that is far more important than our own lives.  When considering the grand arc of human history, the most important transition points that stand out are the development of agriculture and the industrial revolution. Our entry into space is the next major transition for our species.

Most people join the Moon Society because they already understand this. The role that I wish to serve as a board member is to communicate this understanding to our society at large and to show people how they can be part of the process. We are lifting up our entire industrial system into space, we're going to need more than just rocket scientists. We're going to need to translate our existing industrial system for the space environment. It really is the province of amateurs. So join us! I ask for your vote.