Board of Directors Candidate Statement: Jim Keravala

“The longest journey begins with a single step”. In that capsule of wisdom Lao-tzu articulated not only the human drive that for thousands of years has driven us relentlessly to venture beyond our horizon, but also the truth of how we should do it. Today, save for a few robotic craft with remote sensors, our horizon remains firmly at Low Earth Orbit. The urgency for taking the next step is mounting geometrically as population growth, energy, resource and fresh water utilization put Earth and its ecosystem under ever increasing demands. By reaching out to the bounty of the solar system and opening Earth’s closed economic sphere, we secure the future of humanity. The next step to take beyond LEO is the Moon. It is our neighbor, our nearest port of call in the stormy oceans of the cosmos that will provide us with a foothold to the stars. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to achieving that step and am proud to be part of the Moon Society helping all of us better share in that journey.