To The Stars International Quarterly #9 is ready to download. 117 pages full of the space news of the past three months plus articles.

This time, instead of condensing the original text of the article, for most news items, we have "bulletized" the information. We hope that you finds it easier to get the information you want. . Please feel free to pass this on to others, and/or to send us the email addresses of others, including schools, who might enjoy this free quarterly publication.

To those of you who get the black and white hardcopy version of Moon Miners' Manifesto, the publisher, the Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society, a joint chapter of the Moon Society and of the National Space Society, apologizes for the delays experienced in mailing out the August and September issues. This was due to a financial mix-up. The August issue should be in the mail shortly, followed by the September issue, then the November issue. We are taking steps to see that this sort of problem does not happen again. Thanks for your patience.

We are looking for an assistant editor, one who could take over in two years, after I retire once MMM #301 is in the mail - 30 years! - I will continue to contribute articles but not put the entire 20 pages together.

MMM/To The Stars Editor, Peter Kokh