if you have Powerpoint on your computer, download this 11.7 mb production graciously created for us by one of our mission volunteer CapComs, Gerry Williams of Mars Society San Diego.

Gerry carefully selected appropriate photos posted on the MDRS season five website. Check the Crew #45 files on this site:

Then he organized them according to our listed projects. The show is very well done, and we thank him for it.

I had received this file some time ago, but as I did not have Powerpoint at the time, I could not view it and did not realize how neat it was.

The presentation was put together using a special narrow font, Arquitectura. If you do not have this font installed in your computer fonts folder, the text may overrun the borders of the slides and be partially hidden under inset photos. You can download this font, either for Windows or for Mac from: (near the top)


Peter Kokh, crew commander