2006.10.16 - As you may have heard, members of the Moon Society have launched our new open-source Moon Wiki, under the name Lunarpedia.

The Lunarpedia site is necessarily on another server. It requires different software and site management software from the main Moon Society website. So it was only fitting that Lunarpedia team member, Mike Delaney secured for it's domain name.

This address will call up whatever real location to which the lunarpedia may migrate. The Lunarpedia is still just a starter shell, but it will begin to grow soon.

So that's two Moon Society websites.

There was also a need for a separate domain name for a new portal to all moonbase analog projects, no matter who sponsors or sponsored them, or whether they are current or discontinued or proposed projects.

So we bought (need not be capitalized)

And we will soon need a third new domain for a "master project" yet to be announced.

Obviously, we need one Portal site as a gateway to all of the above:

The Moon Society main site:

Moon Miners' Manifesto:

The new Lunarpedia site:

The new Moonbase Analogs portal:

The new unannounced project site.

So to gather all these destinations into one convenient portal,
we purchased

Its online now!

The name, we think, is fitting. We (the members and leaders of the Moon Society) are "The Moon People" and we want you to visit all of our sites.

There are also links on this new portal page to our principal partner, affiliate, and collaborator organizations.

We intend to use the brand "The Moon People" to promote the society and its growing list of projects.

Peter Kokh,
President, The Moon Society