Moon Society Frontlines
Moon Society Frontlines

To keep members, present and expired, up to date on what the Moon Society has been doing, we have periodically sent out email updates to everyone in our combined Artemis Society International / Moon Society database, including both current and expired members, with a still valid email address. This list shrinks as people change email addresses without letting us know. This is not an ideal arrangement because we just assume, without real justification, that the recipients want to receive this mailing.

The other problem is that these updates have not gone out on any regular basis, as it has required a separate additional effort on top of all other efforts.

Instead, we propose to design a newsletter to use plug in information from MMM, the website, and other sources, so that it is much easier to put together. More like killing one more bird with the same set of stones.

And, to reach a much wider, and more receptive audience, we will use a permission-based mailing list exclusively. Anyone, present or past Moon Society or Artemis Society member, or simply a guest or visitor to our website, or someone responding to a flyer at ISDC, can go online and sign up for this newsletter, and be free at any time to unsubscribe without any ado.

You will be able to sign up for text only or html versions. The html version will have a banner and occasional photos, illustrations, and other graphics.

The plan is to send out an issue of Frontlines to whomever is currently on this new mailing list, within a week of finishing each MMM and uploading the MMM pdf file: that is, ten issues of Frontlines a year.

We are using MailChimp free software to design and manage Frontlines and the email subscriber list. There will be a cost, however, for mailings, e.g. $15 for 500, $100 for 5,000 etc. At the outset, ye ol’ editor will front the first few mailings until the Moon Society Leadership Council and Board of Directors can get a feel for this new product and some sense of its usefulness in spreading the Moon Society name, and building up the membership roster. At that time, the Society can vote to assume further costs, or to shut the project down with a “nice try” attaboy.

Want to sign up? Simply go to:
Nb. If you want photos, illustrations, and graphics, check the html option

We hope to have the first issue go out in early April, within a day after uploading of the MMM #204 pdf file.

Structure: we are still playing with ideas. But our current draft index would look something like this:

In this issue:
- Greetings from Moon Society President, Peter Kokh
- Moon Society Project Updates
- In the Works: Report by Director of Project Development, David A. Dunlop
- A peek at the latest issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto

In each issue:
- Staying connected & in touch
- Local Chapters & Outposts
- Volunteering Options
- Giving Options
- Moon Miners' Manifesto free access Back Issues

Do send us your ideas for Frontlines!
Rather than post a comment, send email to
We will try to set up a new email address

Peter Kokh, Moon Society President