A link to purchase the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar is now available:

and has been placed on all of the Space Settlement Art Gallery pages (72 of them)

The Space Settlement 2008 Calendar Project was cosponsored by the Moon Society which contributed a $250 prize for the first prize artwork in the Lunar Settlement Category

as well as contributing one of the five judges.

Our idea is to establish the "Space Settlement" Calendar as a brand name, and to create a new calendar annually.

The initial effort took an enormous amount of work, but now we are old hands at it, and repeating should be easier.

However, this will happen only if sales are sufficiently promising.

Take a look. Consider buying one for yourself, additional ones as gifts.

Your purchase goes for a good cause.

The Moon Society is an affilitate of the National Space Society.


Peter Kokh
President, The Moon Society
One of the Five Judges