From the editor, Peter Kokh

With the August 2007 issue, #207, Denver Colorado’s Front Range L5 Society chapter of the National Space Society rejoins the MMM Family of NSS Chapters. There have long been two chapters in the Denver area. Mile High L5 Society had been founded to serve members from Martin Marietta, and still serves the southern portion of the Greater Denver area, while the bulk of FRL5 members come from the northern Metro area.

Front Range L5 had joined the MMM family starting under the leadership of Jill Steele, with MMM #52, in February 1992 and remained aboard through issue #97, in July, 1996, a period of four and a half years.

It’s good to have Front Range L5 back aboard!

Current President is Eric Boethin. Eric approached us in Dallas at ISDC 2007 over Memorial Day Weekend, and we gave him a dozen copies of MMM #201, our 20th anniversary issue, to take back home.

Getting “Caught up”
Front Range L5 members can catch up on most of the good stuff they missed in MMM issues past at:

Here they will find all the non-time-sensitive material from issues #1 through 170 (the first 17 years) reedited, reillustrated and republished in 17 collections, one per publication year, in pdf format, ready for free access downloading. We will add volume 18 next January
Other NSS Chapters and Local Groups are welcome, be they from smaller cities or larger ones. NSS chapters can arrange for their members to receive MMM as a membership benefit, at a special discounted group rate. NSS chapters in Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Milwaukee, Chicago and Philadelphia now belong - "coast to coast."

Inquiries welcome. Contact Peter Kokh:
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