Ken's menus

From: "Kenneth Murphy" []

Date: 04/05/2013 04:46 PM
To: "" <>
Subject: [LEADERS] TMS Website Menus

I uncovered my website notes today, so here is my proposed menu structure for the website revamp.

A few items:
-The main page menu should be the same on every page.  No custom menus for individual pages.
-Submenus should fly out from the side or drop down.
-There shouldn't be any more than three levels to the website (i.e. one more than is shown here).  Everything should be accessible from these menus.
-Everything from the existing site should be categorizable within this framework.
-These are not writ in stone, just my initial thoughts on logical menu structure.
-Feel free to opine.


Main Page menu

-About Us

-Our Work/Projects


-Moon Marketplace

-Moon Info


About Us menu


                -Society Documents

                -Affiliate Organizations




Our Work/Projects


                -Current Projects (Lunar Lava
Tube exercise, Solar Sail sat, MMM, Lunar Labs, &c)

                -Past Projects (everything else on individual pages)


Publications menu

                -Moon Miners’ Manifesto

                -MMM India Quarterly


                -Outreach Materials (logos,
fliers, &c)


                -Launch Out (Phil Harris book)

Pioneers (ditto)

Moon Marketplace

                -NASA FCU


                -CapitolOne Bankcard Lab

                -Amazon links

stuff that makes us money

Moon Info menu


                -Moon Study course

                -Moon Society Blog

                -Outreach/Events Calendar


Membership menu

                -Join Us

                -Chapters & Outposts

                -Join a Project Team