Discussion Topics

I reserve the right to assign jobs or changes if I think they need to be done.  Otherwise, we can chat here. 

Alan's topics from the Leader's List:


  • Submitted line: Do we have to have the submitted by line on the top of the front page like that? It gives the impression that we are a blog rather than an organization.
  • Fonts: In general the fonts look dated and not sharp. I'm not sure what fonts are being used, but the overall impression isn't "modern and clean"
  • Under About Us: Affiliate Organizations does not fit in the bubble. I would suggest making all the bubbles slightly larger or all the fonts slightly smaller to correct this. The Same issues exists with the "Publications" bubble being bigger than the rest on the main menu.
  • Under Current Projects, I don't see why "Project Guidelines Page" and "Collaborations" need to be in a larger font. Also I would suggest a list of them rather than the 3x3 matrix.

My topics:

  • Basic page vs article vs book page: when to use which
  • Tags and taxonomy


  • Wants the task bar button to change color when there's a reply/new comment.


I find the read more link being in the next text block confusing. I look in a given block for links to expand, follow etc.

Should be somewhere that shows that you are logged in and as who.