Happy Space Settlement Blog Day!

July 20th 2009 is the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing. July 20th is also Space Exploration Day. After 40 years of space exploration it is time to begin space settlement. In order to honor all who risked their lives for space exploration and all who are dedicated to opening the new era of space settlement the Moon Society celebrates this day.

Please check this link on the Space Advocate.

Dear NASA, Its Luna Or Nothing! (And That Includes Mars Too!)


Carnival Of The Space Geeks (The Lunar Edition)

Whether you are made out of carbon or silicon, I would like to welcome you to the 89th Carnival of Space, hosted by the Moon Society, an organization dedicated to motivating the masses to reclaim our lunar heritage (which was laid down by our forefathers many moons ago--pun intended).

Did Somebody Say Moon Quakes?

First there were earthquakes. Then there were sunquakes. Now it seems as if Earth's little sister may have caught "the shakes" which could threaten future lunar settlements.

Calling all Bloggers!

Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/volunteer-descriptions.html#bloggers

At the January 21st Management Council meeting, it was decided to do something with our blog. This blog was created to handle daily news from our simulation crew at the Mars Desert Research Station, Feb 26-Mar 11, 2006.

After the simulation was over, I tried to keep it going and for a time I was posting 2-5 times a month. Even that pace is insufficient to keep blog watchers interested.

Moon Society input to the Obama Transition Team on Space

At its January 14th meeting, the Moon Society Management Council, mindful that different members have different ideas about how the nation's space program could be better run and better targeted, has not as yet officially endorsed either of two position papers put together separately by Director of Project Development David A. Dunlop and by Chair of the Publicity and Outreach Committee, James A. Rogers.

Moon Society and Moon Miners' Manifesto introduce new publication for Readers in India: MMM-India Quarerly

Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/india/mmm-india/index.html

November 18, 2008 - With the successful launch and arrival in lunar orbit of Chandrayaan-1, India has become the latest member of the "Lunar Club."

Introducing Moonbeams, our new free access Science Fiction Publication

Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/publications/fiction/index.html

Cover of first issue
Above: Cover of Introductory Issue

The Historic Role of Science Fiction

Society Gears up for More Action with Project Teams

Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/projects/projectteams/index.html

From Society President Peter Kokh
August 16, 2008

At the August 6th Management Council meeting in the moon-leaders room of the ASI-MOO online chat-room environment, in discussing recent major member-ship growth, the effect of aggressively pursued carefully thought out projects took center stage.

In the past two years, two projects in particular absorbed the lion’s share of Society leaders’ attention:

Sept 17, 2008 Society's 1st Annual Membership Meeting

By Peter Kokh, President

As a new feature in the Moon Society’s recent bylaws revision of February 6th, as reported in MMM #212, February 2008, Moon Society Journal Section (p.9), this year, on the third Wednesday evening of the month after Society elections are finalized, we will launch our first Annual Membership Meeting.

Save Wednesday evening, September 17th!


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