Moon Society congratulates China on successful launch of Chang'e-1 probe towards the Moon

October 24, 2007: XICHANG - The launch of China's first lunar probe Chang'e-1, on a Long March CZ-3A booster, was successful, a Chinese official announced Wednesday evening at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Li Shangfu, director of the Xichang launch center, made the announcement after the orbiter successfully entered the earth orbit and unfolded its solar panel, paving the way for its transfer to the lunar orbit.

We oppose any Congressional ban on "Humans to Mars" programs

Fellow Moon Society Leaders, fellow Moon Society members, and others who actively support a human return to the Moon and the establishment of an Earth-Moon economy;

The proposed Congressional ban on spending for "Humans to Mars" programs would seem to be in our favor. But as is often the case, first assessments can be quite off the mark.

On this matter, there are two schools of opinion
1) Hurray! We want to go to the Moon, not Mars!
2) Banning research on humans to Mars involves banning research that we need to SETTLE the Moon, not just revisit it.

2007 Membership Drive

July 28, 2007 - The Society's Leadership Council, at its July 18th meeting, put together a dual incentive plan for this year's membership drive. The drive is aimed not only at encouraging new members to join the Society, but to encourage former members to rejoin us.

RAMADAS: “Yard” and Work site Canopies for Lunar Outposts

[Ra•ma•da (Ra MAH da) - a Spanish word common throughout U.S. treeless plains and desert areas for the shade-providing shelters at roadside rest stops.]


The sketches available of various Moon Base designs, be they the product of NASA think tanks or of outside sources, share an ivory tower penchant for neglecting patterns of likely land use in the immediate vicinity, in the front and back "yards" of principal base structures.