Moon Society Discount at ISDC 2007 in Dallas


Some of you have asked whether or not Moon Society members are eligible for the NSS member discount at ISDC 2007.

I have just received an affirmative confirmation on this question from ISDC Co-chair, Kenneth Murphy, who is himself a Moon Society member.

The Human Expansion Triway into Space

triway path to space
by Peter Kokh, President of the Moon Society
There are three principal human space expansion pathways advocated by persons preoccupied with one of three principal imperatives. Each of them sees space as important to the ultimate challenge facing humanity: survival of mankind.

Railroads on the Moon? Why not!

Railroad on the Moon

RAMADAS: “Yard” and Work site Canopies for Lunar Outposts


[Ra•ma•da (Ra MAH da) - a Spanish word common throughout U.S. treeless plains and desert areas for the shade-providing shelters at roadside rest stops.]


Analog Moonbase Proposal Slide Show

December 10, 2006

Download our PowerPoint Slide Show version 1.02

For those who do not have PowerPoint, you can download the PDF file version of this Slide Show

Usefulness of Terrestrial Lavatubes in a Lunar Analog Research Station Program

NASA has ended all funding for Biological “Advanced Life Support”

According to Gary Mitchell, Director of the NSCORT (NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training) program at Purdue University, with team affiliates at Howard and Alabama A&M University, the program launched in 2002 with a 5 year, $10 million commitment from NASA, has now been shut down early because of pressures on the overall NASA budget.

The view from Sun-Earth L5


The View from Sun-Earth L5

NASA’s new twin STEREO solar observatories launched October 25th, 2006, if successfully deployed in separate orbits ahead and behind Earth in its orbit about the Sun, will give us our first 3D look at Sunspots and the powerful solar flares and the coronal mass ejections that can originate in these areas.

Lunar Analog Outpost News 10/29/06

We have been brainstorming the future directions of the Moon Society's Moonbase Analog Program.

Thanks to our friends in Calgary, Alberta, Canada who are scouting the way for us, it is beginning to become ever clearer how we should proceed.

The Moon as a Puzzle


The Moon Seems to be a barren, useless “rubble pile” with which it is difficult to imagine that we could do anything useful.

But let’s take a second looK!

Behind Door #1


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