Artemis Moonbase Sim 1 Powerpoint Presentation

if you have Powerpoint on your computer, download this 11.7 mb production graciously created for us by one of our mission volunteer CapComs, Gerry Williams of Mars Society San Diego.

Gerry carefully selected appropriate photos posted on the MDRS season five website. Check the Crew #45 files on this site:

Candidate Analog Sites for a Lunar Research Station

For the sake of argument, let’s pretend that money is not a problem. The Moon Society has decided to find a location for its own Analog Research Station in a more geologically and morphologically appropriate area. What locations might make a short list, if we were constrained by logistical practicalities to the area of the continental U.S., “the lower 48” states?

Our first search turns up four promising areas, all in the Western States, each offering extensive lava flow sheets and attendant lava tubes:

The View From L5


Why NASA should put a RelaySat & Dedicated Moonscope at L5

Keeping in Touch with the Moon Society

One possible reason that some members fail to renew their membership is that they never get email updates on Society Progress, let alone renewal reminders. There are three main reasons why this may happen:

How does the Artemis Project™ fit into the Moon Society’s Goals?

Lunar Enterprise Daily

Moon Society hails very successful conclusion of SMART-1 mission


SMART-1, less the fuel it consumed on its lazy corkscrew path to the Moon by ion drive, weighed only 300 some kilos. Of that 19 kilos comprised the set of seven instruments, some flown for the very first time, that would add invaluable new data mapping the Moon's surface for key elements, notably calcium, and finding in that data confirming evidence about the Moon's origins.

Modular Construction within Shielded Megastructures


"Modularity Inside Megastructures" is the current "feature image" posted August 30th to the Society front page, top center.

Of 8 Planets vs. 28 Worlds & Counting

Or on demoting the Gas Giants, reinstating Pluto, adding major moons

Okay, you can see the astronomer’s point of view.

The Solar System becomes a Gated Community

by Peter Kokh

Today, August 24th, will go down in astronomical history as the day little, but still fascinating, Pluto and its three moons got kicked out of a now Gated Community. The Gate & Fence is a definition chosen to exclude any world that does not fit the pre-1930 demographics of the Solar Club.

To do this, the International Astronomical Union [IAU] took the definition chosen by its committee tasked with creating a definition of a “Planet”


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