• 2008 Space Settlement Calendar Available

    Link: http://www.nss.org/settlement/calendar/gallery.htm

    A link to purchase the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar is now available:


    and has been placed on all of the Space Settlement Art Gallery pages (72 of them)


    The Space Settlement 2008 Calendar Project was cosponsored by the Moon Society which contributed a $250 prize for the first prize artwork in the Lunar Settlement Category


    as well as contributing one of the five judges.

    Our idea is to establish the "Space Settlement" Calendar as a brand name, and to create a new calendar annually.

    The initial effort took an enormous amount of work, but now we are old hands at it, and repeating should be easier.

    However, this will happen only if sales are sufficiently promising.

    Take a look. Consider buying one for yourself, additional ones as gifts.

    Your purchase goes for a good cause.

    The Moon Society is an affilitate of the National Space Society.


    Peter Kokh
    President, The Moon Society
    One of the Five Judges

  • Moon Society's Aggressive Support for VSE

    Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/spreadtheword/vse_support.html

    The Moon Society's role in The Vision for Space Exploration (VSE)

    The George W. Bush Administration has proposed a Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) for the United States in which NASA will lead an effort to return human crews to the Moon, "to stay."

    This vision, however, is already in process of slowly being eroded and redefined downwards both in its timetable and in its overall scope. This negative trend may be with us for a while. It serves no purpose to try to analyze its causes. Our task is rather to find a way to compensate, so that the goals of the Vision are met all the same.

    In this light, the Moon Society's support of the Vision for Space Exploration (VSE) involves:

    "complementing NASA initiatives and goals by looking for alternative options to advance research goals NASA is not (or no longer) budgeted to undertake."

    [The above language was unanimously approved by the Moon Society's Leadership Council at the March 7, 2007 meeting.]

    The list of such sidelined items continues to grow*

    * Canceled VSE line items in 2006 through March 2007
    - NASA cancels work on advanced (biological) life support research
    - NASA will not build a pressurized rover for the Moonbase
    - NASA is looking at an "intermittently occupied" moonbase only.
    - NASA can not afford to analyze data from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
    - What moonbase support program will be next?

    All of these cancellations and cutbacks are opportunities for The Moon Society to help find other ways of getting done the jobs in question.

    If you support the VSE, we urge you to support the Moon Society's efforts to ensure that this Vision becomes real. Please join or renew your membership today.

    And please look for opportunities to volunteer that may match your skills,interests, and discretionary freetime.

    In our determination to rise to the occasion, the Society will aggressively seek to grow our network of affiliations and alliances. Other organizations, universities, and private enterprise have major roles to play. At stake is not just preserving the Vision, but our chance to go beyond a first permanent moonbase to true resource-using industrial settlements on the Moon, which in turn promise to play a major role in mitigating Earth's two major intertwined and seemingly intractable problems: energy production and continuing environmental degradation.

    With this expanded Vision before us, we believe that the Moon Society's goals are relevant to the concerns of most people.

    Peter Kokh
    President, The Moon Society

  • Press Release March 5, 2007

    In November 2006, the National Space Society(NSS) launched the NSS Space Settlement Art Contest. The purposes of the contest were to generate new artwork depicting space settlement; encourage artists in the creation of such art; and to raise public awareness of the concepts of space settlement by maintaining an online space art gallery and featuring the best contest art in the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar.

    To insure the success of the contest, sponsors generously donated over $10,000.00 of prizes to the contest. Principal sponsors include Pandromeda Inc., Beyond-Earth Enterprises, Artnow Online, The Moon Society, Huntsville Alabama L5 Society, Chicago Society for Space Studies, Oklahoma Space Alliance, and the National Space Society.

    For three months (November 2007 thru January 2008) artists from around the world submitted their art to the competition. Of the more than 100 entries submitted to the contest, seventy were accepted. At the close of the submission period, contest judges faced the daunting task of choosing just 12 winning images for the calendar.

    An award winning panel of judges for the contest was assembled by Chief Judge Jim Plaxco, chair of the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Committee. Heading up the panel of judges were two world renounced space artists: David A. Hardy, author and a winner of the Sir Arthur Clarke Award, from the United Kingdom; and Pat Rawlings, Science Applications International Corp. Art Director, of the United States. Rounding out the panel of judges were George Whitesides, Executive Director of the National Space Society and Peter Kokh, President of the Moon Society and Editor of Moon Miners Manifesto.

    With voting completed, winning artists were from Germany, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom, and the United States. According to Jim Plaxco, " The imagination and artistic mastery exhibited by the artists really impressed us. It was tough having to choose just 12 works of art. What we really needed were more months in the year."


    The Grand Prize winning image came from the Orbital Settlements category and the winning artist from Germany. The picture The Return To Abalakin by Alexander Preuss excelled in its representation of a toroidal space city of a million inhabitants. As Grand Prize winner, The Return To Abalakin will be featured on the cover of the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar.


    Winning First Prize in the Orbital Settlements category is a wonderfully romantic beach view of a sunrise in an O'Neill Colony. Islands of the Gods is the creation of Richard Bizley of the United Kingdom.

    One other submission from the Orbital Settlements category that will be featured in the calendar is Inside Orbital City by Murphy Elliott of Florida, USA.


    The First Prize winner in the Martian Settlements category is Javier Arizabalo from Spain. His Mars From A Young Perspective features a spacesuited boy gazing dreamingly into the distance as a rocket lifts off.

    Other images chosen from the Martian Settlement category for inclusion in the calendar are: Second Outpost by Janek Kozicki of Poland featuring an early outpost on the Martian surface;

    Mars Gardens by Alex Aurichio of New York, USA which illustrates the use of bioengineered plants to enhance the martian atmosphere.


    In the Asteroid Settlements category, First Prize was awarded to Dr. Chee Ming Wong of the United Kingdom for his Asteroid Settlement: Slingshot To The Galaxy. This imaginative work illustrates the use of an asteroid's raw materials for the creation of human space settlements.

    Other images in the Asteroid Settlement category which will be featured in the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar are: A Mining Settlement On 90 Antiope by Walter Myers from Illinois, USA which gives a bird's eye view of a mining settlement on the double asteroid 90 Antiope;

    City Under Glass by Raymond Cassel from Colorado, USA illustrating the tethering of asteroid cities for creating artificial gravity.


    Taking first place in the Moon Settlement category is Warren Turner of the United Kingdom. His piece Moonbase Preparations features mining operations on the lunar surface.

    Other images from the Moon Settlement category to be featured in the calendar are: Descent Into The Dark Side by Raymond Cassel featuring a night time lunar orbit view of a moon base;

    The Soaring Arena by Bill Wright of Maryland, USA illustrating the potential for human powered flight inside large lunar arenas.

    All art accepted in the contest may be viewed at the NSS Space Settlement Calendar Gallery at http://www.nss.org/settlement/calendar/gallery.htm

    It is anticipated that the NSS Space Settlement 2008 Calendar will be available for sale initially in May at the International Space Development Conference in Dallas, TX, May 24-28, 2007.

    The National Space Society (NSS) is an independent, educational, grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation of a spacefaring civilization. The society also publishes Ad Astra magazine, an award-winning periodical chronicling the most important developments in space.


    Pandromeda Inc.
    Makers of Mojoworld 3D computer graphics software

    Beyond-Earth Enterprises
    Leading the way to the commercialization of space

    Artnow Online
    For Galleries and Artists to promote their artworks

    The Moon Society
    To further the creation of communities on the Moon

    2007 International Space Development Conference
    Celebrating 50 Years of Spaceflight

    Huntsville Alabama L5 Society

    Chicago Society for Space Studies
    Celebrating 30 year of space advocacy June 2007

    Oklahoma Space Alliance

    National Space Society
    The premier space activist organization on the planet

    NOTE: This effort was quite a learning experience. We got some very good art, but not necessarily the kind of depictions of settlements (hundreds or thousands of people) we wanted. Many artists used acience fiction art commonplaces most unlikely ever to become real: glass domes, for instance. But if this calendar is successful commercially, we will want to do this annually, branding the name, “Space Settlement Calendar.” Our goal is first to catch the eye, then to expose people to mind-expanding ideas. - Peter Kokh

  • Introducing a new email newsletter

    Moon Society Frontlines
    Moon Society Frontlines

    To keep members, present and expired, up to date on what the Moon Society has been doing, we have periodically sent out email updates to everyone in our combined Artemis Society International / Moon Society database, including both current and expired members, with a still valid email address. This list shrinks as people change email addresses without letting us know. This is not an ideal arrangement because we just assume, without real justification, that the recipients want to receive this mailing.

    The other problem is that these updates have not gone out on any regular basis, as it has required a separate additional effort on top of all other efforts.

    Instead, we propose to design a newsletter to use plug in information from MMM, the website, and other sources, so that it is much easier to put together. More like killing one more bird with the same set of stones.

    And, to reach a much wider, and more receptive audience, we will use a permission-based mailing list exclusively. Anyone, present or past Moon Society or Artemis Society member, or simply a guest or visitor to our website, or someone responding to a flyer at ISDC, can go online and sign up for this newsletter, and be free at any time to unsubscribe without any ado.

    You will be able to sign up for text only or html versions. The html version will have a banner and occasional photos, illustrations, and other graphics.

    The plan is to send out an issue of Frontlines to whomever is currently on this new mailing list, within a week of finishing each MMM and uploading the MMM pdf file: that is, ten issues of Frontlines a year.

    We are using MailChimp free software to design and manage Frontlines and the email subscriber list. There will be a cost, however, for mailings, e.g. $15 for 500, $100 for 5,000 etc. At the outset, ye ol’ editor will front the first few mailings until the Moon Society Leadership Council and Board of Directors can get a feel for this new product and some sense of its usefulness in spreading the Moon Society name, and building up the membership roster. At that time, the Society can vote to assume further costs, or to shut the project down with a “nice try” attaboy.

    Want to sign up? Simply go to:
    Nb. If you want photos, illustrations, and graphics, check the html option

    We hope to have the first issue go out in early April, within a day after uploading of the MMM #204 pdf file.

    Structure: we are still playing with ideas. But our current draft index would look something like this:

    In this issue:
    - Greetings from Moon Society President, Peter Kokh
    - Moon Society Project Updates
    - In the Works: Report by Director of Project Development, David A. Dunlop
    - A peek at the latest issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto

    In each issue:
    - Staying connected & in touch
    - Local Chapters & Outposts
    - Volunteering Options
    - Giving Options
    - Moon Miners' Manifesto free access Back Issues

    Do send us your ideas for Frontlines!
    Rather than post a comment, send email to kokhmmm@aol.com
    We will try to set up a new email address frontlines@moonsociety.org

    Peter Kokh, Moon Society President

  • Moon Society Discount at ISDC 2007 in Dallas

    Link: http://www.moonsociety.org/conference/isdc2007_participation.html

    Some of you have asked whether or not Moon Society members are eligible for the NSS member discount at ISDC 2007.

    I have just received an affirmative confirmation on this question from ISDC Co-chair, Kenneth Murphy, who is himself a Moon Society member.

    "Since The Moon Society is a formal Affiliate for the conference, Moon Society members can register at NSS member rates. Some evidence of that affiliation with the Affiliate organization should probably be brought to the Registration Desk, even if just a printout of the e-mail confirm of last annual renewal <365 days from conference." - ISDC co-chair Kenneth Murphy

    If you would like to attend ISDC 2007, let us know and we will supply you with confirmation of your membership in the Moon Society

    If you have a username and password, you can look this up yourself at
    and then renew if need be

    If you do not have or do not remember your user name and password, and are not sure when your current membership expires, or if has expired, simply write me and I will let you know.

    If your Moon Society membership has expired, and you would like to attend, this would be a good reason to renew soon!

    The Moon Society is doing exciting things. We are small but plan on making a difference.

    Peter Kokh
    President, The Moon Society


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