• ESA sees H2O forming on the Moon from solar wind

    Link: http://www.esa.int/esaCP/SEM8TBYRA0G_index_0.html

    This discovery, made by the ESA-ISRO instrument "Sub-keV Atom Reflecting Analyzer" (SARA) onboard the Indian Chandrayaan-1 lunar orbiter, suggests how water is likely being created on the lunar surface.

    The Moon is a big sponge that absorbs electrically charged particles given out by the Sun. These particles interact with the oxygen present in some dust grains on the lunar surface, producing water.

    But there is a mystery....

    One in 5 protons bounces off into space and is not absorbed. This was completely unexpected and remains unexplained.

    New instruments can be designed to detect the bouncing protons, to learn more about the processes.

    We have just scratched the surface of the Moon, stay tuned for more amazing discoveries.

  • The Moon Society blog to twitter feed is now working.

    The Moon Society blog to twitter feed is now working.

    Everything we post to the blog will now be automatically sent out over our twitter feed.

    The twitter feed, in turn, feeds into our linked in group news tab.

    Our facebook page also feeds into the Twitter feed.

    Moon Society has resources, e.g. fora, on most internet social networks. Join us!

    Thanks to Robert Brand in Australia (Echoes of Apollo) for giving us this idea.

  • Link: http://digg.com/d3176tD

    Buzz Aldrin published a proposal for a public/private/international plan to open the Moon for exploration and development in the Huffington Post


    Below are key excerpts:

    * “I propose instead America call the world to the Moon. In a new
    global effort to use the Moon to establish a global space consortium
    with a lunar surface facility as its epicenter, “
    * “... competition, in an Apollo-style race back to the Moon, would
    be a fruitless exercise in national hubris whose rewards, if we “won”
    again, would prove fleeting”
    * “I am proposing a different way back to the Moon: international
    collaboration. “
    * “... the goal of creating a new public-private partnership to
    develop the Moon. I call it the Lunar Infrastructure Development
    Corporation (LIDC). The purpose of the LIDC would be to enable the
    nations of the Earth to join together and return to the Moon as an
    international cooperative venture. The LIDC will pool the financial,
    technical and human resources of its member nations to build the lunar
    communication, navigation and transportation systems needed for human exploration of the Moon. It would be a public/private global
    partnership to make the Moon accessible to all humanity. The LIDC will
    build the communication and navigation satellites needed by future
    lunar travelers, develop fuel depots using lunar LOX – perhaps derived
    from the recently discovered lunar water-and construct habitats that
    will shelter space travelers while on the surface. It will enable a
    sustainable human presence on the Moon that will be accessible to all
    the nations on Earth. “
    * “Unlike the International Space Station (ISS), which is governed
    by complex treaties, the LIDC will have the same flexibility as an NGO
    in working with different nations and private entities to finance
    build and operate the facilities and equipment needed for lunar
    exploration. “
    * “To do so [i.e., honoring the astronauts of the Apollo Era
    Missions] doesn’t require rerunning a long-ago Cold War race in which
    America plays the role of a space-going Colonial power.

    Moon Society Officers and Directors, who collectively make up the Management Committee gave the Moon Society's official endorsement.

    The email vote was unanimous. As Ben Nault, Director from Tucson, put

    “Probably the main reason the ISS is still "alive" and supported by
    Congress is that it is part of a number of international agreements.
    Backing out of these agreement would have financial, political and
    diplomatic repercussions on the US. Therefore, having an international
    component helps large complex programs survive the transition to
    different administrations and different congressional moods. The
    international angle gives long-term "sustainability" to the Lunar
    Infrastructure Development Corporation. “
    In asking for Committee member support, we pointed out significant
    similarities with our own proposal, also strongly endorsed by
    Committee members, for an International Lunar Research Park. Both
    proposals are for public/private/international collaboration.
    There are, of course, those who would prefer a NASA-stand alone
    effort, and those who would prefer a purely private enterprise
    approach. But a reality check shows that the public/private/
    international approach will be much more robust, and stand a much
    greater chance of becoming a permanent beachhead on the Moon. It is
    also much more likely to lead to the first civilian industrial

    And that is precisely the Vision of the Moon Society.

    The Moon Society urges other pro-space organizations, the public, and
    the media to support Buzz Aldrin's proposal.

    For more on the Moon Society International Lunar Research Park
    proposal, see:


    Thank you for your support

  • Lunar Elevator can be built today using commercial Zylon fiber

    Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_space_elevator

    Lunar Elevator can be built today using commercial Zylon fiber.

    Lunar Elevator gives cheap access to lunar materials, feedstock for space industries. We can extract oxygen for space tugs delivered to LEO.

    Click here for Wikipedia article

    We can build large structures in space, from lunar materials e.g. solar power satellites and space habitats. We could also soft-land heavy equipment on to the Moon. Have you read the High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill ?

  • What if anything is the Moon Society up to anyway?

    To many casual observers, the Moon Society and its website may seem to be in a state of suspended animation. Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, there are web pages that might need updating, and please do us a favor and call our attention to that so we can promptly correct our oversight.

    Write a note to president@moonsociety.org Subject: web page needs to be updated
    That’ll do it!

    We have taken a lot of measures to help new members and older ones to keep up with our efforts.

    The Moon Society News section in the center part of our homepage posts major announcements.

    The monthly, or almost monthly, Frontlines Report, the one with the prominent bold yellow font just below the above announcements, tries to keep members posted of all that is going on in the Society and there is quite a bit.

    So click on that each time a new report is filed. The month of the report is stated boldly, so that you will know the report is new or not.

    We inaugurated online Town Meetings this year. At first we thought of doing this once every three months. But the response to the first one was so unexpectedly strong that we are doing it monthly now on the second Wednesday evening. Check the Frontlines Report for instructions to take part. Everyone’s 2¢ is more than welcome. The Town Meeting is “Fresh Ideas City.”

    As this month’s August Frontlines indicates, we continue to get some publicity (yes, we wish it was more and more often) and the scope of our operations are now becoming truly international with efforts in India, and Chile, as well as ongoing projects in Sweden and elsewhere.

    Our Online Solar Power Beaming Demonstration Kit should be up in a few weeks.

    We are working on putting together Essay Contests, Design Workshops and Competitions, a second and improved Apollo Moon Party focused on the Apollo 13 near disaster (Theme; “Human Space Exploration is worth the Risk”) and much much more.

    What we can achieve or even undertake is limited to the number of active members. Currently, some 10-15% of our members are active in one way or another, a figure much higher than in other space activist societies.

    If you want to help, we want to find a way to empower you to do so. Just send us a message. Tell us about your special interests, abilities and aptitudes, and what you would like to add, or what ongoing efforts you would like to join in. Tell us what buttons to push, and we’ll try to do just that.

    . Just drop a casual note to president@moonsociety.org

    And, one more thing. We’re looking for a catchy name for our blog. Got a suggestion? Let’s hear it. I’m sure that we’ll get a ton of good ideas.

    And now, there are teasers for recent blogs on our homepage. Just scroll down the center section, and ... there you go!

    To the stars!

    Peter Kokh, President


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