Center Mirror Assembly

Solar Power Beaming Demonstration Unit
Center Mirror Assembly
by Peter Kokh

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Center Mirror Assembly
  • Four 1/8" tubes connecting mirrors at angles: total length (2 upper: 19") (2 lower 15")
    all tubes protrude 2" beyond angled mirrors, on angles to receive connecting rods from R/L Main Mirror Assemblies
  • Four 1/8" vertical tubes 15" long each, protruding 3 1/4" beyond lower junction cylinder
  • Two slanting mirrors 5 1/2" in diameter cut from polystyrene sheet 2 mm thick
  • Spacer sandwich holding the two top horizontal tubes cut from polystyrene sheet
    with upper and lower disks 1 5/8" diameter, middle disk 1" diameter, with the tubes placed inside the gap
  • Two vertical rings cut from polystyrene sheet 6 1/2" outer diameter. 6" inner diameter
    with the lower edge resting on the lower cylindrical junction assembly
    and glued to that and at top to the vertical tubes
  • Upper Cylindrical Junction Cap (unnamed) and Lower Cylindrical Junction assembly (unnamed)
    Phil writes: "I used sandwiched 2mm thick card to make the lower one wrapped around with thin polystyrene card. On the upper one I just used the 2 mm card for the ends and did not sandwich card and make it solid by wrapping it with thin polystyrene card as it did not need to take much weight. The lower cylinder takes the 4 solar panel supports which were fitted into drillings. In reality these structures would be really massive! I suppose they are just anchor cylinders to take the solar panel supports and the central mirrors."

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