Updating & Refreshing
the Artemis Data Book

A Moon Society Project
in Collaboration with, and
Sponsored by Packer Engineering,
Naperville, Illinois

Summer 2006

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The Artemis Data Book, as conceived of by Artemis Society and Project founder Gregory R. Bennett, is meant to be an "organized collection" of "all the technical and program information we need to establish a permanent, self-supporting lunar community. The Data Book is organized into a hierarchy of subsections which break down each topic into fine detail." This ambitious project began in the mid 1990's but since 2000, contributions have slowed to a bare trickle, and blanks in the outline still remain.

Short (Top-Level) Outline

ADB Full Outline

Packer Engineering is

Peter J. Schubert Ph.D. , Senior Director for Space & Energy Research, and a Moon Society member since June, 2004, and a newsletter reader for some time before that, approached us on March 17,2006 with a proposal.

He had read our appeal in MMM #190 [NOV 2005, p.11] to update the ARTEMIS Data Book where needed, and to fill some of the gaps.

"At Packer Engineering, we have a summer intern program, and I have requested a small team of students be assigned to me. I would like to propose that, with your guidance, we have these student do gap-filling and updating of the Data Book. We have an excellent technical library here with 3 full time library science people. The students come predominantly from various engineering disciplines including aerospace. With guidance from you and the ARTEMIS team, I would like to offer our help."

Moon Society President Peter Kokh met with Dr. Schubert at Packer Engineering on Monday, April 17th, 2006 to work on defining the scope and the methodology of this project.

Packer Engineering is paying the cost of employing these interns. Thus this project represents a substantial donation on their part of time and money and services. For this, the Moon Society is deeply grateful.

The ADB Outline is vast, and the current summer intern project hopes to make an appreciable dent in the number of areas that need filling or updating.

We feel challenged to complement this effort, by posting relevant and appropriate articles from the archives of Moon Miners' Manifesto to appropriate locations in the Artemis data Book.

It is our hope that this project will trigger continued work on updating and refreshing the Artemis Data Book, and thus help to revive interest and renewed work on the Artemis Project™ itself.

Articles Submitted for Review, Improvement, and Approval

The articles produced in this summer intern program, some with major revisions and improvements by Peter Schubert, appear in the Work In Progress directory on this website [./projects/adb/wip/.]

Each finalized article will be given an Outline Position designation (see Indexing New Articles, just below) and a link to it will be finished paper will be posted on the this page. This will give students the quick gratification of seeing their work online.

The next step is to have the Artemis Data Book Team review these articles. Those that have passed review and have been for publication will then be copied to the appropriate location in the Artemis Society ADB web space.

They will also be reviewed by then new MoonWiki Team for inclusion on the new Lunarpedia site, currently just a shell, as of October 4, 2006.

Indexing New Articles

Articles will be preceded by their ADB Outline location designation, so that the reader can refer to the Complete Artemis Data Book Outline to see where they fit into place.

For example, a hypothetical article with the file name


would fit in the Outline position:

2. Scenarios for Manned Space Development

2.15. Heavy Industry on the Moon
2.15.1. Heavy Manufacturing Industries Construction Equipment

As new articles are added, they will be listed in their proper [numeric] Outline location, not in the order in which they are published.

An Outline Designation Position System for the Lunarpedia has not been developed, but will probably not be numerically based, so as to allow Outline Expansion and rearrangement.

Peter Kokh, October 4, 2006


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