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updated 02-10-2009
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    At the August 6th Management Council meeting in the moon-leaders room of the ASI-MOO online chat-room environment, in discussing recent major membership growth, the effect of aggressively pursued carefully thought out projects took center stage.
    Our recent measured successes have been the result of identifying specific projects with defined goals and achievement levels. Each new team has a Team Leader who aggressively moves the effort on towards the defined goal.

    There follows a list of current Project Teams along with contact information for the Team leader (in bold) who is the person to contact if you would like to join the team in question.

Promotional Video Team (videos online)
Chip Proser -
James Gholston -
Solar Power Beaming Demonstration Team
Peter Kokh -
R. Scotty Gammenthaler -
The Lunarpedia Team (
James Gholston -
James Rogers -
Public Relations & Outreach Team
(proposal) - Discussion Forum
Lunar Materials for SPS Team
(Project Intro)
- Discussion Forum
Peter J.
Peter Kokh -
Space & Environment Conversation Team
 Discussion Forum
Peter J.
Experimental Lunar Agriculture Team
(old 1990s website) - Discussion Forum - original website
David Dunlop -
Dan Hawk -
Lunar Surface Logistics Team
(incl. Lunar Railroads) - Discussion Forum
David Dunlop -
Peter Kokh -
Lunar Analog Research Team - Discussion Forum
David Dunlop -
Paul Graham - - systems
University of Luna Project Team
David Dunlop  -
Conferences Team (presence at the annual ISDC)
David Dunlop

Peter Kokh -
Peter J.

Each of these teams will have different webspace needs, to be determined.
As we create webspace for each, the URL of each Teams home page will be posted above.
On these pages there will be updates on the teams strategies, current work, and action items.

For each team, as concrete well-defined projects are defined, we will need a Project Manager to marshall the team and to help guide the project to completion.

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