Increase our international activities:
1a. Concentrate on English speaking nations and nations with sizable English speaking communities: Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, India, other former British colonies
1b. Non-English speaking countries with Lunar Exploration Programs (Italy, China, Japan, etc.)
2. International collaborations (e.g. cosponsoring events)
3. International affiliations (e.g. Sociedad Espacial Mexicana)
4. Local unaffiliated local groups (e.g. Calgary Space Workers)

Board of Governors with high profile names (Hanks, Lovell, Aldrin, etc.)
Joint Press Releases with better known groups to piggyback on their higher public profile
Seek Link Exchanges wherever appropriate, in the interest of both parties

ISDC - our principal portal to other players in the Space Movement - Expanding our ISDC presence and effectiveness should be an automatic budget line item, not an afterthought
1. "Meet the Moon Society Leaders" events
2. Hours when President, other spokespersons present will be at our display to engage visitors
3. Displays that are dynamic, attention-getting, respect-earning - the challenge here is twofold: cost and logistics
4. Engage leaders of other organizations at the annual ISDC, looking for areas of overlapping interests Collaboration and mutual affiliation with all Space Settlement proponents
5. Moon Track Sponsorship (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010)
Presence at Lunar & Planetary and ILEWG and SFF Conferences

Maintain a highly cooperative strategy toward other groups
1. Proactively seek cooperative efforts with other organizations (MarsDrive)
2. Work to identify interests in common (e.g. Space Nursing Society, the psychological and physiological health of lunar pioneers) - PK
3. Take the initiative in seeking collaborations and affiliations with such groups

Build relationships to Environmental and Earth/Space "bridge groups"
1. E.g. (which is cosponsored the Moon Society/NSS application to the EPA for grant money to put on a cross-constituency "Planet Earth & Space Conference"
2. More articles/links about actual and potential benefits to Earth -B

WITHIN THE SOCIETY - MEMBERS, VISITORS - Expanding the membership, visitor experience
• Grow the percentage of women, currently c. 5% - Do more to attract women.
1. Call attention to Articles in MMM that should be of interest, e.g. suggestions for Lunar homestead decor, arts & crafts, psychological well-being of pioneers - PK
2. Aggressively recruit women to the Leadership Council
3. Identify Projects that may attract women
4. Appoint more women to the Board of Advisors
• Grow the percentage of students and young people in the Society
1. Articles of interest in MMM - The many articles about lunar sports opportunities attract mainly adult males
2. Projects that appeal to students - contests, competitions, simulations, games that identify solutions
3. Chapters & Outposts: new section on Student Chapters
• Strategy of volunteer empowerment and which Expand participation by our members
1. Quarterly Town meetings in the MOO 2nd Wednesday, each Quarter; other - PK
2. Improve the Contact the Society area on website and in Moon Society Journal:
# Add Contact Info for Project Teams
3. New visitors page to maximize experience of website visitors - done, PK -

Your suggestions of additional ways to do a better job of letting people know who the Moon Society is, and why they should join are most welcome.

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